Air Jack

  • Air operated
  • Internal stabilizing cylinder
  • Safety valve  prevent over-inflation



Air Jack

Passca is one of the leading air bag jack manufacturer. Our jacks meet or exceed the ANSI and CE quality standards and they are available in 1 ton, 1.8 ton, 2 ton and 3 tons.

Most of Passca air bag jack has a minimum height of about 6.5 inches with a maximum height of 13 inches. Every air jack has a compact design, making them durable and adaptable for any lifting application. You can lift loads within a short period of time and effortlessly.

All Passca air jacks have an internal stabilizing cylinder. This ensures all our air jacks remain stable when subjected to heavy load.

To prevent chances of uncontrolled deflation or over-inflation, every Passca air jack has a dual safety valve.