Farm Jack

  • High quality steel and castings
  • Ratcheting action
  • Ideal for lifting off-road vehicles
  • Lifting arm can be adjusted to any position on the upright



Farm Jack

Passca farm jack is a multi-functional equipment you can use to lift farm machineries. Our farm jacks are designed for pulling posts, lifting tractors or any other activity that requires lifting heavy load.

Every farm jack is constructed from heavy duty steel that can handle heavy load capacity. Normally, the lifting height for all Passca farm jacks range between 6 to 48 inches.

For flexibility and convenience, the lifting arm can be adjusted to any height when the farm jack is in upright position.

Also, as a high lift off-road jack manufacturer, we equip every jack with all the necessary accessories. These include nose attachment, winch tensioner and heavy duty chains.

With Passca farm jack, you can handle any task that requires lifting heavy loads effortlessly.