Do you want to save over 33% when importing floor jacks from China? If yes, then I will help you avoid costly mistakes people make while shopping for jacks in this simple guide.

floor jack importing guide

But first, let me tell you a reality:

Floor jacks available in the market differ in size, performance, structure, price, brand, etc. So, choosing the right equipment can be a nightmare if you don’t have experience in this business.

2t long floor jack

                                                                                     2t long floor jack

Normally, going for a reputable brand in the market, such as Passca floor jacks, could save you from unscrupulous dealers and manufacturers. You will import these jacks directly from the company, especially for an OEM business.

Now, let me reveal some of the secrets a business importing jacks should pay attention to.

What is a floor jack? Why is it important?

This is an equipment that gives users mechanical advantage to lift heavy loads. That is, with the help of a jack, you can attain the minimum lifting capacity to raise a load off the ground. The load lifting capacity may range between 1 ton and more than 150 tons.

For a fact, you need this equipment in daily operations to lift, move or push heavy loads. It is a common tool in the automotive and other manufacturing industries.

passca Jack

Now that you know exactly what I am talking about, let’s focus on key factors to consider when importing floor jacks. I will summarize these 5 facts as:

  1. Features of floor jacks
  2. Types of floor jacks
  3. Quality inspection process
  4. Floor jack safety
  5. Why specific jack brands (Passca) satisfy market demands

Every stage in this process plays an important role when choosing the right lifting equipment.

So, I will focus on these five aspects in details.

Features of Floor Jacks

Why do you think two jacks, with the same load capacity may have a price difference of $30?

It is due to the unique features of each equipment. Of course, it is they determine the performance and efficiency of any mechanical jack.

Broadly, you need to understand the following key aspects:

  • Design and lifting capability of the jack
  • Performance and efficiency
  • Working principle of the jack

With these, I am sure you will make an informed decision when importing floor jacks from China.

2T trolley Jack (for SUV)

                                                         2T trolley Jack (for SUV)

Design and lifting capability of Floor  jack

The modern jacks feature unique designs that allow for increased performance, reliability and flexibility even in the most demanding tasks in the industry.

Moreover, companies such as Passca tools are using unique floor jack design process as a way to build brand identity. So, companies in the OEM business can leverage on this.

As a floor jack importing company/business, below are critical elements you must consider:

  1. Lifting capacity of the jack

Lifting capacity is an important design feature that determines the amount of load a floor jack can handle. As a matter of fact, the floor jack lifting capacity may range from 0.5 tons to more than 50 tons.

Of course, its structural components and power built within the jack’s hydraulic system can support the rated lifting weight capacity.

So, for product resellers or OEM businesses, it is important to know the average load your clients intend to lift. That is, if you’re an outlet selling cars, then you should order for jacks whose lifting weight capacity closely matches that of the cars.

floor jack lifting

  1. Construction material

The performance and structural integrity of the floor jack will depend on the construction material. You will choose from either steel or aluminum floor jacks.

Of course, the two jacks are strong and reliable. However, if your clients need portable floor jacks, then you should consider aluminum as the primary material. This is because aluminum jacks are lighter. Otherwise, for use within the garage, then steel jacks will be a viable option.

So far, both aluminum and steel Passca jacks can get the job done effortlessly and fast.

3T aluminum floor jack

                                                                                 3T aluminum floor jack

  1. Floor jack’s design profile

Depending on the nature of your business, you can order for either low profile floor jacks or standard designs. For instance, if you are selling sport cars with small clearance, then the low profile jacks will be a perfect choice.

You will find some people describing this jack design as minimum clearance height. This is the same as jack with a low profile.

The bottom line is, you must understand the nature of your business before you place an order.

  1. Lifting range

Like for the Passca jacks, the manufacturer clearly indicates a minimum and maximum lifting range. It is one aspect that is related to the jack’s design profile I had discussed earlier.

Basically, lifting range refers to how high of the ground a jack will lift the load. Quite a number of Passca jacks have a maximum lifting height between 18 and 20 inches.

  1. Jack lifting speed

This is the number of pumps you need to reach a maximum height. Quite a number of hydraulic jacks have faster lifting speed than screw jacks.

Jack lifting speed has become a major selling point in the hydraulic jack market. The reality is, most floor jacks require 8 to 10 strokes to reach a maximum height.

However, Passca has invested in floor jacks with dual lifting pistons. With these Passca jacks, your jack will reach a maximum height with only 3 to 6 strokes.

  1. Hydraulic safety valve

For hydraulic floor jacks, a safety valve will users operate it within the recommended safety range. In case, of overload, the safety overload valve will open releasing excess pressure.

Remember, overloading a floor jack will reduce its service lifespan.

In short, these are the main design features you need to evaluate when shopping for a floor jack for your OEM business. Of course, you may also request for unique designs. However, you need to consult the jack manufacturing company. As for Passca Tools, I am sure you will get customized design in case you need one.

Next, I will evaluate another aspect every floor jack importing business/company should consider.

Performance and efficiency of floor jacks

As an OEM business/client, I know you would to be known as that company that sells high quality, robust and reliable jacks.

There is only one simple option here – buy all floor jacks from a reputable manufacturer. One that conforms to the international standards such as:

  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Australian Standards (AS)
  • European Conformity (CE)
  • Germany’s Technical Inspection Association (TUV)
  • Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

Such jacks must pass strict quality testing and verification procedures.

Normally, I recommended a joint quality testing and quality verification process between you (OEM business/clients) and the manufacturing company.

As a matter of fact, you are not going to import 2 or 3 hydraulic floor jacks, this is a bulk order and you must be sure of performance and quality.

20t long floor jack

                                                                 20t long floor jack

From experience, analyzing hydraulic systems involves a number of laboratory tests and experiments. There are a number of factors that may affect performance and efficiency of hydraulic floor jacks. These include:

  • Leakage in the hydraulic systems – between the seals
  • Type of hydraulic fluid – Normally, Passca do indicate the following vital parameters for all hydraulic floor jacks: maximum startup viscosity under load, optimum operating viscosity and maximum & minimum operating viscosity.
  • Hydraulic pump efficiency– the overall efficiency is a product of the volumetric efficiency and hydromechanical efficiency.
  • Wear and tear of the overall system

Normally, reduced performance and inefficiency will manifest as reduced overheating and reduced load capacity.

I do advise businesses to order for samples of these jacks and subjected them to normal operational conditions before placing a bulk order.

As you use the floor jack, evaluate the performance against the data from the company. I know Passca Tools will be happy to assist you here.

With all these, let’s finalize this section by briefly reviewing the working principle of the available floor jacks.

Working principle of the jack

You have an option to choose from either mechanical or hydraulic floor jacks. I will look at each jack separately. This will enable you to make the right decision before placing an order.

Working principle of the jack

Mechanical floor jacks

These jacks use a screw mechanism to lift a load. With the help of short thread distance, you can attain the required mechanical advantage to lift the load.

You can choose from different designs of mechanical jacks available in the market. These jacks are handy, portable and simple to maintain.

However, to achieve a small amount of lift, you have to turn the screw several times. This can be cumbersome.

It is for this reason that Passca Tools recommend hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic floor jacks

3T hydraulic garage jack

Hydraulic jacks will give you a tremendous mechanical advantage to lift loads than mechanical jacks. The systems have a number of components such as hydraulic cylinder, fluid, piston, valves and seals.

They have a large load capacity than most mechanical jacks. With this lifting equipment, a small amount of force applied to a hydraulic piston is amplified to produce an enormous lifting weight.

Here, the working principle is based on the fact that pressure exerted at one point in a confined incompressible fluid is transmitted equally in all directions in the fluid. This is referred to as Pascal’s Law.

According to Passca Tools, hydraulic floor jacks are a perfect choice for all applications. This is because it makes economic sense to buy a robust equipment you will use to lift both heavy loads.

With this information in mind, I hope you have an idea of the type of floor jack to import from China.

Now, let’s review some of the available types of floor jacks. I will focus mainly on Passca Tools floor jacks.

Types of floor jacks

In this section, I will focus on 5 types of floor jacks. These include:

  • Aluminum floor jack
  • Long floor jack
  • Hydraulic service jack
  • Hydraulic garage jack
  • Air floor jack

Aluminum floor jack

Passca Tools construct these jacks from industrial grade aluminum. They are popular for their lightweight and high weight capacity (2 tons to more than 20 tons). These jacks come with a safety valve and dust shield.

Also, you may opt for aluminum floor jacks with dual piston since they lift weights faster. Moreover, both standard and low profile Passca aluminum floor jacks are available.

Long floor jack

Passca long floor jacks feature heavy duty construction with either steel or aluminum construction. Also, these jacks come in a wide range of load capacities such as 2 ton, 3 ton or 3.5 tons.

For efficiency, Passca designs T-handle for smooth and easy pumping mechanism. Also, this lifting equipment has dual action pump piston with dust shield.

For a fast rising action, every Passca long floor jack is fitted with dual action pump pistons. You can lift a heavy load with just a few pumps. You can go for standard or low profile designs. For stability, Passca designs this jack with a wide base.

 Hydraulic Trolley Jack

Hydraulic Trolley jack features a heavy gauge steel. It is designed for day to day servicing operations in garages.

A robust construction, stability and lead free paint makes hydraulic trolley jacks a perfect choice for automotive and garage shop applications. All Passca hydraulic floor jacks are optimized for to lift heavy loads.

2T trolley jack

                                                                            2T trolley jack

Hydraulic garage jack

Passca garage jacks have a lifting capacity that ranges from 2 tons to more than 50 tons. It is specifically designed to lift a wide range of load in a garage setup.

These jacks are constructed from heavy gauge steel, a reason for their strength and durability. Again, the ball bearing swivel makes it easy to position under vehicles while the dual pump mechanism allows for faster lifting of loads.

Moreover, this equipment has essential features such as knurled steel handles and by pass system.

Air floor jack

Passca air floor jack has a powerful air system for lifting heavy-duty industrial machinery. It has an efficient pneumatic system designed with different air pressures and inlet size hole.

Air floor jack is a robust and strong equipment that handles more than 22 tons. For safety, this jack has an inbuilt by-pass system.

In short, you have a wide range of floor jacks to choose from. Of course, this is just a broad classification of Passca jacks. Passca Tools manufactures and supplies a wide range of lifting equipment such as transmission jack, engine leveler, bottle jack, hydraulic shop press, etc. You can download the company’s catalogue for more information on their products.

Quality inspection process

floor jack Quality inspection process

As I had indicated earlier when discussing the performance and efficiency of floor jacks, a failure in the hydraulic system can cost you a lot. That is, the jack will not work to its full capacity.

So, what should you do to determine the quality of a floor jack?

  1. Mechanical jacks

Well, in case you opt for these floor jacks, then you really have to focus on how well the screw meshes to lift the load. Of course, the first way to test the quality of this jack is to determine whether an effect of screw mechanism is actually translated to lifting distance.

A low quality jack will only serve you for a short period of time after which, it will obviously fail. So, when it reaches a point where the jack cannot carry the load to full capacity then it is of low quality.

  1. Hydraulic jacks

First, a hydraulic floor jack should lift weight/load to the recommended capacity. Moreover, the process of lifting the load should be effortless. Also, for hydraulic jacks with dual pistons, the load should rise to a maximum height with 3 to 6 strokes.

As you can recall, I had already discussed a number of crucial aspects when evaluating quality and performance of hydraulic systems.

Again, I think it will be better to mention these key points:

  • Buy your jacks from reputable manufacturer – I recommend Passca floor jacks.
  • There should be no leakages – be it in cylinders, around pistons or seals.
  • Test quality of hydraulic fluids – a change in level of hydraulic fluid implies leakages
  • Assess the safety valve – protects the jack from overload.

For a fact, a hydraulic section is closed system that you may not access without the help of your floor jack manufacturer.

Normally, conform with the: ANSI, AS, TUV and JIS quality standards; some common tests include:

  • Cyclic test
  • Proof pressure testing
  • Internal leakage
  • Static friction testing
  • Cushioning test
  • Mid stroke testing

As you can see, as an OEM client or product distributor, you may not have the necessary equipment to perform some of these tests. It is for this reason that I insist you should conduct joint testing and quality verification process.

Floor jack safety

Floor jack safety


Everyone desires to use a floor jack he/she considers to be safe. If by any chance your jacks don’t guarantee safety, then you better look for another jack manufacturer.

Personally, Passca floor jacks are some of the safest equipment I have ever used. This is mainly due to the following key reasons:

  1. Protecting the jack from overload

Every jack has a maximum load capacity it can handle. However, exceeding this can cause a breakdown or increase rate of wear and tear. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider this fact.

Quality floor jacks come with a bypass system or an overload safety valve. It releases excess pressure. This will ensure the jack operates within its rated capacity. This not only guarantees safety of the machine, but also that of the end user.

  1. Protecting end users

Floor jacks are safe lifting equipment you can recommend for any automotive or garage shop. For instance, Passca Tools design all their floor jacks with a large solid base that grips the surface. This makes it stable, hence the desired safety standards. As a rule, only buy jacks whose stability if guaranteed.

With safety being a priority, your business may have exponential growth since end users will always go for safe equipment and accessories.

Why specific jack brands (Passca) satisfy market demands


From experience, I can recommend Passca floor jacks for any OEM business. This is due to their versatility and reliability. They have proved to be the best weight lifting equipment in the industry.

Whether you need a low profile or standard designs; Passca Tool has the best tools for your business.

So, what exactly makes these floor jacks a perfect alternative?

Variable lifting range – Passca jacks are available in both low profile and standard designs. With these jacks, you can lift loads with a small clearance height. Depending on the nature of the application, Passca jacks have a variable lifting height that varies from 4 inches to 18.5 inches.


Padded handle and lifting arm – this prevents the surface of the load from being damaged either while lifting or lowering.

You can choose from aluminum or steel designs – these jacks are constructed from industrial grade aluminum or steel metal. Aluminum jacks are lighter than steel types, thus a perfect choice where portability is a major concern. Both jacks have a robust and rugged structure, making them a perfect choice for any lifting task.

Fast lifting speed – some Passca floor jacks feature dual parallel systems. With about 3 to 6 strokes, these jacks will attain a maximum height.

Precise load control – with Passca jacks, you will confidently an easily control the load you intend to lift from minimum to maximum height.

High quality manufacturing and inspection process – every floor jack must pass strict quality inspection process to ensure they conform to ANSI, AS, TUV and JIS quality standards.

In short, all Passca floor jacks feature unique and high quality craftsmanship. Passca engineers and technicians design these jacks with heavy duty use in mind. It is an equipment that will never disappoint you.

long floor jack



Generally, Passca floor jacks are a perfect choice for OEM clients/businesses in the automotive industry or garage shop.

They feature high quality material and strict quality control process. However, to get a specific floor jack that meets your performance criteria, you need to consider everything I have discussed in this guide.

Feel free to contact Passca technical team for inquiries or questions about floor jack.


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