Hydraulic Garage Jack

  • Low profile chassis gets underneath vehicles with limited ground clearance
  • lWide front wheels and ball bearing mounted rear caster wheels for stability and easy maneuverability
  • l Meets strict and crucial ASME PALD-2009 safety requirements



Hydraulic Garage Jack

A Passca hydraulic garage jack is a versatile equipment designed to handle a wide range of weight capacities. With our jacks, you will effortlessly lift virtually any load capacity. Whether it is below 2 tons or more than 4 tons.

Every Passca hydraulic garage jack is constructed with heavy gauge steel. A reason for their high strength and durability. Again, for convenience, all our garage jacks have smooth rolling swivel casters , making it easy to position the hydraulic garage jack under any load.

With our new hydraulic jacks, in 3 to ½ pumps, you can comfortably lift the load. It is because Passca hydraulic garage jacks are equipped with dual piston rapid pump technology.

To ensure safe and efficient operations, every hydraulic garage jack is also equipped with knurled steel handle, bumper and by-pass system. Also, the wide steel plate ensures stability.

In short, Passca is the only hydraulic garage jack and garage floor jack manufacturer whose products meet high degree of durability and performance.