Manual Shop Press

  • All steel welded frame prevents bending under maximum load
  • Raise and lower table for the best working distance
  • Heavy-duty dual spring ram return



Manual Shop Press

Passca manual shop press is a versatile, durable and sturdy equipment, available in a wide range of load capacities – 5 ton, 10 ton or 20 tons.

All our manual shop presses are designed with flexible ram cylinders. That is, you can shift it either to the left or right.

Also, every Passca manual shop press is fitted with a pressure gauge. With this you can easily monitor the efficiency of all our manual shop presses. You can measure both tons and psi.

With our manual shop presses, all external pinch points are completely eliminated, while optimizing performance. Every Passca manual shop press is fitted with single or double acting polished piston with a large diameter. They have an internal return spring.

We powder coat our manual shop presses to protect them from rust and wear. You can trust all Passca manual pump powered shop presses for your everyday workshop tasks.

For any inquiries, you can contact our technical staff.