About 77% of motorcycle lifts do not meet the recommended quality criteria. That is, the ANSI/ASME, JIS, TUV or CE standards. In fact, it is a reason for inefficient and substandard lifting equipment.

Rarely will you find quality motorcycle lift. A problem Passca Tool aims to solve with their new manufacturing process. It involves using high quality materials and strict quality control.

Passca motorcycle lift is an equipment we use to lift bikes/motorcycles from the ground. They are handy during motorcycle repair or regular cleaning process.

In this article, I will share with you the unique features of Passca motorcycle lifts. It is these features that guarantee their stability, reliability and performance.

The main features of Passca motorcycle lift you should know include:

1. Passca motorcycle lifts are compact and stable

Passca lifts are constructed from heavy duty 11 gauge steel with a diamond plate surface.motorcycle lift

The base is wide enough to support the weight of the bike.

Even at a maximum lifting height of 45 inches, the lift will still be stable. Therefore, you can easily maneuver the lift on the floor without the bike toppling over.

This lift come with a heavy duty chassis. It guarantees stability and prevents it from bending or twisting. Passca motorcycle lifts are ideal for extreme load. It will comfortably lift your 1,500 lbs. bike.

Basically, the compact nature and stability imply:

  • Designed with heavy duty use in mind
  • Smooth and constant lifting
  • Ability to support light to heavy loads
  • Superior hydraulic system
  • Fast acting hydraulic system

For a fact, this is what differentiates Passca motorcycle lifts from other products. Of course, this is possible through strict quality testing of the loaded lifts. That is, the lift stable when pushed, moved or slightly tilted when loaded.

2. A robust hydraulic/pneumatic system for maximum efficiency

Passca Tools offers two distinct motorcycle lifts – pneumatic (air) and hydraulic lifts. It depends on whether the system uses air or fluid.air pump

Generally, the hydraulic/pneumatic systems determine the performance and efficiency of Passca lifts. Passca team designs these systems with heavy duty pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

The pumps are foot activated (foot pedal controls). motorcycle lift diamond plate


Passca designs foot pedals such that, one is for lowering and the other for raising lift. You don’t have to use hand cranking anymore.

Passca designs and tests all hydraulic/pneumatic pumps to ensure zero losses in energy transmission. That is, every stroke is translated to a lifting energy. It is efficient and you can lift the bike faster.

For maximum efficiency, Passca hydraulic or pneumatic systems are easy to operate. They are fast acting, thus suitable for lifting heavy motorcycles. Passca motorcycle lifts guarantee smooth and constant lifting.

3. Passca motorcycle lifts guarantee safety

Safety is a major concern when operating weight lifting equipment. I am sure, every OEM client wants to deal with a company that prioritizes on safety.

All lifts have multiple safety locking mechanisms. In fact, some designs have 7 locking positions.

7 position lock

This guarantees safety and comfort. Essentially, you can adjust the lift to a comfortable position.

Passca lifts feature a low angle ramp design too. This protects motorcycles as you roll them onto and off the lift. Also, the rubber lined front wheel vise secures the bike in place.

When you opt for Passca lifts, you don’t have to worry about your safety. That is, the motorcycle falling off the lift. Passca lift designs eliminate all these risks.

4. Unique design for an increased lifting power

Not so many motorcycle lift manufacturing companies strive to achieve an optimal lifting power. Passca bike lifts feature a unique pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder design for better efficiency.

With these Passca motorcycle lifts guarantee a stable lifting power. Moreover, this increases efficiency and safety.

Also, the overall structure features a unique craftsmanship. It reduces the use heavy duty 11 gauge steel, which enhancing strength and performance.

motorcycle lift black

Passca lifts have more than 1,500 pounds lifting capacity.

For accuracy, reliability and load control; you can use precision controlled foot release.

5. Passca bike lifts are easy to maneuver within the garage shop

You can roll these jacks effortlessly and conveniently on the garage shop floor. You will not have any difficulty going over small pits and cracks on your motorcycle garage floor.

Passca jacks have slightly short frame with stronger components. Also, Passca lifts have retractable swivel casters .


This provides a desirable clearance distance between the bottom frame of the lift and the ground.

For this reason, it is easier to move the motorcycle lift around a garage floor. It is therefore a convenient garage shop equipment for motorcycles.

For safety and stability during operation, Passca motorcycle lifts have lockable swivel casters. Thus, the lift will remain in position at all times


6. Passca bike lifts feature high quality material

Passca engineers and technicians construct all motorcycle lifts from heavy duty 11 gauge steel with a diamond plate surface. Also, they have a powder coated finish.

motorcycle lift black

Generally, Passca bike lifts are impressively designed with a smooth texture finish. The design guarantees a powerful capability ideal for any motorcycle repair operation.

Also, they have a wide service platform. This ensures the bike is fully secured on the lift during any repair or cleaning operation.

Passca motorcycle lift is an equipment you can confidently sell to clients. They all come with a 1 year warranty.

7. Passca bike lifts guarantee value for your money

With all these features, Passca bike lifts are available at a cheaper price. It is a versatile, durable and reliable equipment; but still affordable.

So far, Passca lifts are a perfect choice for most industry profession. Whether you need Passca’s air pump for fast and efficient lifting or hydraulic systems.

Compared to similar products in the market, Passca lifts are about 17% cheaper. Still, Passca lifts are superior to those in the same category.


As you can see, Passca Tools has the best motorcycle lifts you may need for your OEM business. A functional equipment that conforms to all quality standards. Also, they are cheap, stable, efficient and sturdy; thus you can maximize on your ROI.

For inquiries, please contact Passca technical support team.