Porta Power Jack

  • Heavy-duty hydraulic equipment for auto body, frame repair and construction jobs
  • All steel construction
  • Automatic pump overload system helps prevent damage to ram and equipment
  • Portable – no need for a power source



Porta Power Jack

Our heavy duty portable hydraulic equipment kit includes ram, hydraulic pump and hose. We have designed this porta power pack to meet the dynamic demands of the industrial, automotive or repair applications. You can use a Passca porta power jack for lifting, spreading, pulling or clamping application.

Every porta power jack features a strong and sturdy structure, designed with heavy duty application in mind. It is an equipment you can trust.

Also, they are easy to assemble and disassemble. This is mainly attributed to Passca unique designs, whose aim is to make every jack easy to use and maintain.

For easy pumping, all our porta power jacks come with a long handle. Also, these jacks are fitted with thick walled extension. All these make our porta power jacks easy to use, strong and extends service lifespan.

We pack many tube extensions for use in applications. The flexible hydraulic hose makes Porta power jack flexible and convenient.

For a fact, Passca porta power jack kit is handy in all applications. For inquiries or questions, contact our technical team.