Spring Compressor

  • Quickly safely removes the toughest strut springs.
  • Rotating spring clasp bracket first most models and size
  • Sliding ram bracket provides multiple height adjustment



Spring Compressor

Passca spring compressors feature a drop forged steel jaws with hardened alloy steel. A reason for their enhanced strength and durability. This is an equipment you can use for light to heavy duty tasks. Whether you work in the automotive industry or specialty shop, Passca spring compressor is a perfect choice for you.

Every Passca spring compressor can support an arm length of about 15.25 inches. It can compress a spring to 7 inches.

With the help of our R&D team, Passca is also the only hydraulic coil spring compressor manufacturer quality equipment for replacing shock absorbers, struts and springs.

Every hydraulic coil spring compressor is equipped with an effective hydraulic hand pump. It can handle larger spring such as those with 165mm OD and 80mm ID.

We have spring compressors with varying capacities. For more information, download our product catalogue. Alternatively, you can contact our technical team.