Reliable Air Bottle Jack Manufacturer in China

  • Manual or air operation
  • 100-120 PSI rated air pressure
  • Dependable double spring return lowers piston-ram quickly with no load
  • Ductile cast iron base
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Passca Air Bottle Jack

Air bottle jacks also named air hydraulic bottle jacks can be operated by either air or manually.

All Passca air bottle jacks are equipped with an air pump that effortlessly lifts loads. This increases efficiency and reduces operator fatigue.

Every air bottle jack is compact and powerful. They are available in a wide range of designs and performance criteria.

The Passca air bottle jacks have a load capacity that ranges from 5 tons to 50 tons. Passca air operated jacks have a by-pass system. This protects every air bottle jack’s hydraulic system from over pumping. It is our unique safety measure. Moreover, all our air operated jacks feature a welded construction. This guarantees 100% leak-free operation and eliminates all contaminants.

All energy from the hydraulic system is effectively utilized to lift the weight.

Whether you need an air bottle jack for your automotive or heavy industry, Passca is an air hydraulic bottle jack|pneumatic bottle jack manufacturer you can count on.

Air Bottle Jack

The air  bottle jack also called air hydraulic bottle jack is can be used manually and also with air ,it can lift very quickly with air assitance.

Passca air bottle jack euiped with an industrail air pump ,which assist the hydraulic system to lift heavy loads more quickly .a long  powerful rubber tube links to the air system .the jack has double return spring can lower the ram piston smoothly .you can trust the quality as the jack base is made from ductile iron which is more stable and sturdy .chromed and polished ram make the longevity of air bottle jack .if you have any question ,please contact with Passca


Ductile Cast Iron Base-Adjust Screw For More Height
Heat Treated Piston -Industrial Air Pump
Extremely Low Profile With Incline Design Air Pump
Polised Piston Ram -Two Return Spring
Operated By Hand or Air System-Low Profile Design Can Be Used In Tight Spaces
Lift Heavy Loads Easily ,Great For Truck Repair
Big Steel Wheel ,Can Be Moved Easily -Place The Jack With Long Handle
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Passca: Air Bottle Jack

Air bottle jack also called air hydraulic bottle jack,it operated manually and also with air pump .it’s ideal lifting tool for trucks and buses etc.


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