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  • Compact design and tough built
  • Safe ratcheting saddle prevent slipping
  • Polished and chromed ram can work smoothly and protect rust
  • Wide and ductile iron base add stability
  • Hydraulic bypass system prevents over travel of ram
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Passca Certification
Passca Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Passca manufactures a number of hydraulic bottle jacks whose capacities range between 2 and 50 tones.

As a premier hydraulic bottle jacks manufacturers &suppliers, every Passca jack features a quality steel frame and glide action pressure pump. Making it easy to lift heavy loads with minimal effort. Also, all our hydraulic bottle jacks have a precisely crafted cylinder and piston,  and also an extension of the screw that allows for more height. Moreover, this design guarantees a smooth operation.

Every Passca hydraulic bottle jack has a ductile cast-iron base, which is wide enough to provide the required stability during operation. They will never topple over when subjected to any load capacity within the recommended range. For safety and reliability, Passca jacks saddles have grove teeth, thus, they effectively grip the load.

We have also incorporated safety overload valve. With our hydraulic bottle jacks, quality is 100% guaranteed. Every hydraulic bottle jack comes with a 1 year warranty. For inquiries, contact our technical team.

Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Passca hydraulic bottle jack is used in the automotive area, agriculture area, industrial area, and construction area widely.

PASSCA hydraulic bottle jack is compact and easy to carry,it is the most used products in portable automotive lifting equipment. hydraulic Bottle Jacks are designed for lifting only not sustaining loads, used with passca jack stands. and it only used on solid, level surfaces.

Hydraulic bottle jack has full range, capacity is from 2ton -50ton.

Lifting Range :148-278mm|Compact Design and Easy Carry
Model #Capacity (tons)Low Height (mm)Lift (mm)Ext.Screw (mm)Max.Height (mm)N.W (KG)Package size (cm)QTY/CTN (PCS)GW/CTN (KG)
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Passca: Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Passca hydraulic bottle jack has full range ,capacity is from 2ton -50ton .

Passca hydraulic bottle jack is used in automotive area ,agriculture area,industrial area and construction area widely .

  • Polished and chromed ram can work smoothly and protect rust
  • Wide and ductile iron base add stability
  • Sliding action pump
  •  Safety valve protect the jack overloaded
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