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PASSCA: A Proud Car Lift Manufacturer and Supplier

Whether you are looking for a car lift to cradle your “baby” in a home garage or you need a reliable car lift to handle tons of throughput in a professional automotive garage, PASSCA has you covered. 

PASSCA is a car lift manufacturer and supplier with a long history of happy clients and safe, sturdy equipment — it is even ASME and CE certified to meet international manufacturing specifications. 

A large investment like a car lift is a big decision, which is why we wanted to share our knowledge and tips… so you can make an informed, smart decision when you buy a car lift. 

Car Lifts: The Ultimate FAQ

Car lifts are one of the most expensive pieces of automotive equipment because of their size, power, and importance — a weak or improperly manufactured car lift can be a huge liability in any environment. 

Because the failure of a car lift can be extremely dangerous (and expensive), here at PASSCA we want you to understand what you are getting and how to use it the correct and safe way. 

As a car lift manufacturer and supplier, it is our duty to help our customers get the best value and the right tool for any job they need to complete So read through this FAQ, or send us a message if you have a specific question — we may even add it to the FAQ. 

  1. What Is a Car Lift?

A car lift is a piece of large machinery that is able to raise a vehicle so that many parts and components can be quickly and safely worked on or replaced. 

Car lifts are extremely popular in professional automotive garages for their ability to swiftly lift a variety of vehicles so the mechanics are able to perform a variety of tasks. 

While there are a variety of car lifts on the market now, they all have essentially the same function — but not every garage can fit every type, nor will each mechanic or automotive hobbyist get the same amount of value from every car lift. 

What Are the Types of Automotive Lifts?

There are a few main styles of car lifts and the question of which car lift to buy starts here. Each category has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the style of manufacturing and operation. Let’s look at some broad strokes information on the types of automobile lifts you may be considering. 

  • 2 Post Car Lift

A two-post car lift is a straightforward elevator-style lift that is widely used in auto sports. A pair of arms extend from the posts to lift a car, meaning much of the underside is left exposed. This makes 2-post car lifts ideal for servicing the underside of vehicles or working on multiple sections as a part of a team. A two-post lift is best used by automotive professionals with experience balancing weigh distributions and working carefully on lifted or hoisted cars, trucks, or vans. Sometimes you may even see a single-post car lift, but should exercise caution when balancing a car on one of those. 

  • 4 Post Car Lift

A four-post car lift is a classic workhorse found in many professional environments — the additional posts give this style of car lift more stability but they take up more space in the garage. If you will be servicing a wide variety of light and heavy vehicles, a four-post car lift will be the smartest choice, since it can handle much heavier load weights than a simpler two-post car lift. In recent years, many people are added 4-post car lifts as a vertical car parking solution, since their advanced locking mechanisms and space-saving layout can add more parking to a tight space in cities or personal property. 

  • Scissor Lift

Another extremely popular type of car lift is the ubiquitous scissor lift, whose design can be found in many other types of equipment like car scissor jacks and the personnel scissor lifts commonly used in construction, building maintenance, and warehouse inventory management. In an automobile lift, the scissor lift style is a sturdy, reliable way to raise a car. However, if you are hoping to work on the underside of a vehicle, the scissor lift design will limit your access to the undercarriage unless you have opted for a fancier model. 

  • Other Types

Odds are that either a 4-post, 2-post, or scissor auto lift will suit your needs and cover many bases for your automotive tinkering. However, there is a multitude of styles that serve niche uses or situations where an automotive lift may come in handy. Upscale in-ground car lifts can settle flush with the floor of a garage but typically must be planned for during the building’s construction. There are also portable versions of the main types of car lifts, with both portable post lifts and portable scissor lifts being helpful in different situations. Mobile column car lifts, tilting lifts, rotisserie, and alignment lifts can also be useful in specific circumstances, though they will not be as versatile as a post lift or scissor lift. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Car Lift? 

Ease of Access to the Vehicle; While advancements in jacks and car creepers can make working supine under a sedan a tolerable task… why wouldn’t you want to easily walk around a car during inspections or servicing? The positioning of an automobile on a car lift makes it ideal for working alongside others, training new mechanics, or simply getting your own tasks down quickly and without as much risk of back pain. 

Versatile Lifting Power; With either an adjustable or wide surface area for lifting the vehicles, a car lift should be able to handle a wide variety of vehicles across many styles and weight classes. If you are never sure what will be pulling up to your shop next, or you are responsible for a fleet of company cars, vans, and heavy equipment, a large and versatile car lift is your best bet to always be prepared. 

Speed; Not only can a car lift safely lift a vehicle into a suitable position for work, but they are also much faster than fumbling around under a car with a set of jacks and jack stands. In less than a minute, most lifts are able to completely lift and lock into place for quick servicing of the car, truck, or van. 

How To: Use a Car Lift 

Using a car lift is as simple as driving a car up onto the lift, usually using a small built-in ramp, and then engaging the lift’s power source. 

Most car lifts use a combination of electric and hydraulic power to manage their incredible feats of strength — this also makes it extremely easy for the operator as there is no manual element. 

Once an automobile is raised, make sure to lock the lift into place; a reliable automobile lift manufacturer and supplier will put more focus on the safety features than anything else. A car falling from a lift can cause a wild amount of damage to the garage and vehicle, as well as carrying a risk of personal injury or even death. 

How Can I Tell That I’m Working With a Professional Car Lift Manufacturer and Supplier?

The track record of a professional car lift manufacturer and supplier is one of the most important things to look at before investing in such an expensive and integral piece of equipment for your garage. 

For example, PASSCA car lifts are certified through ASME and CE to meet international standards, and we use a high-quality stainless steel alloy to make sure you will be safe and sound. 

Responsiveness, transparency, and flexibility are good qualities to seek out when you need a car lift manufacturer and supplier — the best ones will work with you to find the best solutions to your problems or needs. 

In the past, importing anything, let alone massive machinery, from overseas was a hassle or added expense; however, with so many advancements in technology and tariffs, you can directly contact and take advantage of the professional knowledge found in the manufacturing hubs that supply the world. 

What Are the Most Important Specifications When Choosing a Car Lift? 

The size of the lifting area is one of the most important factors, especially if you need to lift oversized vehicles or farm equipment — not planning for the largest possibility may leave you still needing alternative lifting methods. 

The weight capacity of a car lift is another major concern since overloading a lift can cause catastrophic failure of the hydraulic systems or push past the locking mechanisms — never overload your car lift or try to cut corners by getting a weaker model. 

Does a Car Lift Need to Be Certified or Inspected? 

Yes! A car lift should be regularly inspected by reputable, certified car lift inspectors, to ensure the safety and integrity of the car lift and the environment it is installed in. 

Just like an elevator in an office building, many local or state laws will require a car lift to be inspected and signed off on every year or periodically. 

Can I Install a Car Lift Myself? 

While a DIY car lift installation seems like a good way to save some money, we strongly recommend against it. 

The dangers resulting from any mistake or oversight in the installation process could lead to damage, injury, or death. 

Not only will a professional car lift installation give you a warrantied installation job, but the team installing it can often advise on placement and structural concerns you may have missed. 

Is It Worth Getting a Car Lift?

Of course, another way to phrase this might be “How much does it cost to install a vehicle lift?”, but a number of factors such as the car lift model, the accessibility of your garage, and overall geographic location will all impact the total cost. 

The speed that a car lift adds to almost any type of work can improve the throughput of any professional set up, or make working on a stable of personal vehicles a joy. 

Only you can decide if a car lift is right for your garage — but our customer support can help you work through the exact costs and logistics of including one in your garage. 

Which Is Better 2-Post or 4-Post Lift?  

Well, 4-post is better. That said, a 4-post car lift might not be the best choice for each and every customer after reviewing their individual usage needs, budget, space, and other factors like the building’s structural situation. 

If you are torn between two models of our car lifts or want to review all your options, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer support team — they love putting together unique solutions for individual scenarios to help you succeed and get the best equipment. 

Can You Use a 2-Post Lift to Store a Car?  

Theoretically, you could store a car on a 2-post car lift, but why would you risk it? The increased sturdiness and clearance space of a 4-post car lift will provide a safer, larger space for parking a second vehicle underneath. 

Another concern would be ease-of-use — if you are planning to regularly drive the vehicle being stored up on the lift, a 4-post would be worlds better, and here’s why:

Four-post car lifts almost always have a small ramp to simply drive the vehicle up into place before it is lifted, and you can just drive off when dismounting. A two-post car lift will require you to reach underneath to extend and adjust the lifting arms, once the vehicle is driven into place. 

You may also be voiding your insurance for one or both of the cars if you park underneath a car lifted on a 2-post automobile lift. 

What Are the Best Car Lift Accessories?  

There are many ways to add car lift accessories to get more value out of your new piece of lifting equipment. 

Since you will be shifting between working low under a vehicle to more sitting or standing work, a nice mechanic’s chair or rubber floor mat can take a lot of the pressure off your back or feet. 

For accessories that can attach directly to the automobile lift, there are plenty of underhood lights, integrated air or electric lines, and plenty of enhanced or niche-use lift pads and adaptor frame pads. 

You can also get adaptors to let a car lift work with other shapes of vehicles like motorcycles, trikes, trailers, and even farm equipment. 

How Thick Should Concrete Be for 2-Post Lift?

Car lifts are mounted directly into the concrete floor in many garages, but before you order one you will need to check the thickness of the concrete in your floor to make sure it is a match. 

For most car lifts with a rating between 6 and 7 tons, 6 inches of concrete is sufficient, though more is usually better; heavy-duty car lifts may need 8 inches of concrete minimum if they are expected to hold more like 9 tons. 

Verify your concrete thickness, ceiling clearance, and local building codes, and then our customer support team can walk you through all the available options that will work in your garage or automotive repair shop. 

What Is the Best Car Lift to Buy for a Home Garage? 

When shopping for a car lift to go in your home garage, you have a lot more options depending on the types and weight range of vehicles you are aiming to lift. 

While a four-post car lift will be the most versatile and powerful auto lift, you can probably get away with something smaller and lower cost — unless you are planning to park another vehicle underneath it. 

For quick servicing projects at home, a two-post lift can cover all your bases, and they are less intensive to install – though the operation is not as easy or smooth. 

If your garage’s ceilings are high enough, go with a post lift; for people with not much space though, a portable or detached car lift can suit your needs at home just fine. 

Scissor lifts may not need installation depending on the design, and there are portable tilt lifts, portable post lifts, and portable low car lifts that can all help in different types of vehicle servicing. 

What Is the Best Car Lift to Buy for a Professional Automotive Garage? 

Honestly, a premium four-post car lift will be the most versatile and powerful addition to any professional auto mechanic’s repertoire. 

Some mechanics operate through house visits or roadside assistance, where a portable tilting lift might give you more capabilities, but in most cases, a flatbed tow truck and designated place to get your wrenching done is likely still a better option. 

If you are outfitting a new garage or expanding an existing business, reach out for a quote that encompasses all the equipment you will need, including a car lift from a professional car lift manufacturer and supplier, to elevate both vehicles and your business. 

With the knowledge in this FAQ Guide, you are sure to find the best car lift for your garage. 

Contact PASSCA Tools now for all your automotive equipment needs. 


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