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  • The air floor jack is ideal for lifting trucks and farm vehicles
  • Equipped with a powerful air pump which lifts the heavy load quickly
  • 8in diameter wheel provides easy positioning
  • Large rugged  housing base adds stability and strength
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Passca Certification
Passca Air Floor Jack

All Passca air floor jacks are manufactured from high-grade steel that meets the CE, ASME, standards. This floor jack comes equipped with a powerful air system that enables it to lift heavy loads faster.

Our air floor jacks are compact in design therefore, you can use them in a wide range of industrial applications. Whether you need to lift heavy-duty machinery, industrial equipment, or farm vehicles; the Passca air floor jack will never disappoint you. Depending on the work at hand, every Passca air floor jack is designed with different working pressures and an air inlet size hole.

Also, every Passca air floor jack comes with safety overload protection. Our inbuilt by-pass system protects the air floor jack from overloading. For sure, our air floor jacks will guarantee optimal performance while giving you peace of mind.

Air Floor Jack

The PASSCA air floor jack is the ultimate service jack for trucks and tractors. This air over hydraulic floor service jack comes in 22 ton, 30 ton, 35 ton, and 50 ton models.

PASSCA air service floor jacks feature durable air pumps which power the hydraulic system as it lifts heavy loads quickly and smoothly. You can place this jack on the truck axle easily due to the 8-inch diameter rear wheels and long handle. Each model comes with 4 adapters for when you need higher lift heights.

PASSCA air over hydraulic floor jacks all have a welded base which helps prevent oil leakages. They also have a high grade steel housing to add stability. You can lower the jack using a release knob at the end of the handle. There is even a double return spring to help retract the piston ram quickly for the next lift. 

3-Position Pumping Handle Makes it East to Reach Under Vehicle
With Durable Air Pump Making Lifting More Quickly
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Passca: Air Floor Jack

PASSCA air operated floor jacks are a wonderful way to lift even the most massive pieces of equipment or vehicles that you may come across.

Air over hydraulic floor jacks are some of the most powerful ways to raise up serious weights so that vehicles can be properly serviced. 

In the PASSCA catalog, we outline all of our hydraulic air floor jacks, where they are called Air Hydraulic Service Jacks; we are proud of the high quality we have to offer and all these jacks undergo comprehensive testing to ensure your safety while lifting heavy loads. 

Air Floor Jacks: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

PASSCA is meant to offer all of the equipment needed to elevate an automotive shop or vehicle ownership experience into an easier and safer situation.

We offer a huge assortment of floor jacks as a way to lift vehicles of all heights and weights, but the air hydraulic service jack is easily one of the most impressive and powerful devices we offer.  

Throughout this FAQ you will learn about important air hydraulic floor jack parts, some basic air hydraulic floor jack repair, and how to choose the best air hydraulic service floor jack for your needs. 

What Is an Air Floor Jack?

What we at PASSCA refer to as an air service floor jack is also commonly known as an air assist floor jack, an air hydraulic car jack, or is even simply called an air jack. 

An air floor jack is not to be confused with an air bag floor jack, which does not use hydraulics and instead expands a sack with compressed air; air bag jacks are not nearly as strong as a floor jack. 

Using compressed air, these floor jacks do not use manual labor to lift vehicles, making them much easier on your back and scheduling.

22Ton Air Trolley Jack

What Are the Benefits of an Air Floor Jack?

Our air service floor jacks use compressed air to power their lift ability, which makes lifting trucks, RVs, and farm equipment smooth and easy on automotive shop staff, saving you time and making you money money. 

With a long handle and wheels, these jacks are easy to move and position underneath what you’re lifting, and the high quality steel construction means you do not have to be gentle, these jacks can handle the hard work you need to accomplish.

The heavy duty capacity of an air service jack means you can even lift heavy equipment like backhoes and bulldozers, so these are the best choice for farms and construction maintenance crews. 

Switching out saddle attachments lets you adjust the lift height quickly and safely.

What Specifications of Air Floor Jack Does Passca Offer?

PASSCA offers air service floor jacks with four different weight capacities and slightly different lifting height minimums and maximums. 

We currently have a 22 ton air floor jack, a 30 ton air/hydraulic floor jack, a 35 ton air floor jack, and a heavy duty 50 ton air/hydraulic floor jack. 

All of our models have very similar weights and dimensions, so the main customer concern will be matching the weight capacity and lifting heights to the equipment and vehicles they need to service.

How Much Is an Air Jack?

An air floor jack is much pricier than a traditional floor jack due to the enhanced features and capabilities. 

For lifting heavy equipment like tractors, construction equipment, or large class trucks, you would be hard pressed to find an easier solution, so the added expense is worth it for many professional mechanics. 

An air bottle jack may be a more economical choice depending on your vehicles’ criteria, but anyone who regularly has to lift their large vehicle will have a much easier time using an air floor jack

How Do You Use an Air Hydraulic Jack?

Any hydraulic air floor jack is a simple piece of engineering, even if it appears complex and can perform incredible feats. 

The lift power comes from an air source like an air compressor or a vehicle’s air line, which compresses the hydraulic fluid inside the jack assembly to raise the saddle, which is the point of contact with the vehicle.

What Is a Pneumatic Jack?

Pneumatic pressurization is actually different from hydraulic fluid, and none of PASSCA’s air service floor jacks are considered a pneumatic floor jack. 

Because our products use hydraulic fluid instead of pneumatics, each air service jack is technically an air operated hydraulic floor jack, also commonly referred to as an air compressor floor jack because of the most typical source of air. 

Calling a device an air over hydraulic floor jack or air hydraulic floor jack just means that there is both air and hydraulics in the jack assembly, and does not mean there is compressed air as a power source, these could just be manually operated jacks as well. 

While hydraulics uses oil or fluids, pneumatic pressure systems use a gaseous material that is more easily pressurized. 

While there are pros and cons for both types of pressurized system, we prefer hydraulic fluid for its ease of use and replacement,which makes it easier for garage or automotive shops to repair their own equipment. 

How Can I Choose the Best Air Floor Jack for Me?

I Have a Car: For a standard private vehicle, an air service floor jack is probably overkill; you should be fine with a 5 ton air hydraulic bottle jack or a low profile air hydraulic floor jack, because service jacks will be too high and have much more lifting power than you will need. 

I Have an RV: While RVs are large and heavy, if you want to service yours at home, a 10 ton hydraulic floor jack should have you covered; depending on the slides and add-ons that your RV has, a 22 ton service jack might be the easiest way to work on it. 

I Have a Farm: For a variety of tractors and farm equipment, a heavy duty air jack like one of our air service floor jacks is a great addition to your repertoire; depending on your equipment’s weight, the 35 ton (80735) or 50 ton model (80750) could have your whole garage covered.

 I Have an Auto Shop: For any auto shop, a variety of jacks will be your best solution: having a 5 ton heavy duty floor jack, 10 ton hydraulic floor jack, and an air hydraulic service floor jack can help you lift cars, trucks, RVs, semi trucks, and almost anything people bring in.

How Does Air Over Hydraulic Work?

Air over hydraulic is the technical term for most hydraulic jack systems. 

Air pressure is applied through a piston or compressed air application to increase the pressurization within the jack assembly. 

The pressurization pushes onto the piston, which lifts the jack saddle to make contact with the vehicle being lifted. 

The saddle’s height is determined by the pressure in the jack, so applying more pressure is how a jack actually provides a lift. 

While most jacks that use hydraulics have a manually pumping handle, air service jacks and other air-powered jacks use compressed air, though some other models can do both. 

For example, a 22-ton hydraulic bottle jack might be a better option to carry onboard a commercial truck because it can also use a manual handle if you do not have access to compressed air. 

An air service floor jack would be much more useful in a garage or shop space, because the compressed air takes the burden off of shop staff so they can save time and effort, allowing them to focus on the other parts of each task.

35T air trolley jack

How Can I Choose the Best Air Hydraulic Floor Jack for Me?

It seems like these days every big box hardware store or online retailer has an air hydraulic floor jack for sale.

However, you should look carefully at the design and materials used, to make sure you are not buying a grossly inferior device or overpaying for a brand name with no background in automotive equipment. 

PASSCA makes our jacks from high-grade steel, and all our equipment meets both CE and ASME standards. 

We also include a double pump on each air service jack to allow for much faster and smoother lifting. 

Does PASSCA Manufacture a Heavy Duty Air Floor Jack?

Absolutely; all of PASSCA’s air hydraulic service jacks can function as a heavy duty floor jack for lifted trucks.

Finding the right heavy duty jack for sale can be a challenging endeavor, but we keep things simple by only having four models of air floor jacks. 

For some people, the long reach heavy duty floor jack 20 ton model (80620) could work, but all of our air-powered floor jacks have a higher weight capacity than that.

What Are Some Important Air Floor Jack Accessories for Me to Get?

Air service floor jacks are a great way to lift a heavy vehicle or tractor, but to be safe you need some other equipment on hand. 

To work underneath a vehicle, you should never just use a jack; pairing a lift with appropriate jack stands to securely hold the vehicle is safer, so we suggest our 22 ton jack stands. 

To keep your jack functioning for a long, long time, extra 22 ton air/hydraulic floor jack parts might be necessary.

Over time O-rings and rubber gaskets inside the jack will wear out but they are easy to replace and not expensive.

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