• The air floor jack is ideal for lifting trucks and farm vehicles
  • Equipped with a powerful air pump which lifts the heavy load quickly
  • 8in diameter wheel provides easy positioning
  • Large rugged  housing base adds stability and strength
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Passca Certification
Passca Air Floor Jack

All Passca air floor jacks are manufactured from high-grade steel that meets the CE, ASME, standards. This floor jack comes equipped with a powerful air system that enables it to lift heavy loads faster. Our air floor jacks are compact in design therefore, you can use them in a wide range of industrial applications. Whether you need to lift heavy-duty machinery, industrial equipment, or farm vehicles; the Passca air floor jack will never disappoint you. Depending on the work at hand, every Passca air floor jack is designed with different working pressures and an air inlet size hole. Also, every Passca air floor jack comes with safety overload protection. Our inbuilt by-pass system protects the air floor jack from overloading. For sure, our air floor jacks will guarantee optimal performance while giving you peace of mind.

Air Floor Jack

The air floor jack is a service jack for the trucks and also tractors. This air over hydraulic floor service jack has 22ton .30ton,35ton and 50ton,passca pneumatic  floor jack features durable air pump which assistant the hydraulic system to lift the heavy trucks shortly .you can place this jack on the truck axle easily due to 8inch diameter rear wheel .and it has 4 adapters while you need higher lift .passca air over hydraulic floor jack has a welded base which eliminates the oil leak .and also the outside steel housing added stability .you can lower the jack by a release  knob at the end of the handle and the double return spring helps to retract the piston ram quickly

3-Position Pumping Handle Makes it East to Reach Under Vehicle
With Durable Air Pump Making Lifting More Quickly
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Passca: Air Floor Jack

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