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  • Lightweight compared to steel jack, as it’s made from aircraft aluminum.
  • Extra low profile design fits for racing cars
  • Side carry handle is convenient for transport
  • Universal joint release  mechanism
  • The dual-piston pump makes the jack lift quickly.
  • Meets ASME safety standard
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Passca Certification
Passca Aluminum Floor Jack

Passca aluminum floor jack combines the strength of steel and lightweight advantages of aluminum. You can easily transport it from one place to another (a portable jack). The lifting capacity is just enough to accomplish any work at hand. Every Passca aluminum floor jack features a safety valve. This prevents overloading the jack. You can choose from a wide range of our aluminum jacks with different load capacities – 2 tons to more than 3.5 tons. To lift the load easily and faster,

every Passca floor jack is equipped with dual pump pistons, with a universal joint release mechanism, you can control the jack lowering at any angle. The dust shield also prevents hydraulic fluid from contamination.

Our low profile aluminum floor jacks are also designed for other applications – about 3-1/2’minimum lift height. A reason why nearly every aluminum floor jack is a perfect choice for cars with low clearance.

Aluminum Floor Jack

Compared to conventional steel floor jack,the aluminum floor jack /aluminum racing jack is lightweight due to it’s made from aircraft aluminum .you can easily carry and transport it as it fitted with side carrying handle.

Passca aluminum floor jack has extremely low profile design, which can suitable for low clearance racing cars .you can lift the vehicle in seconds as it has quick dual pump  .and also lowering it smoothly due to it with unique universal joint release mechanism .

all passca aluminum floor jack meets or exceeds ASME-PASE 2014 quality standard .if you have an inquiry , please contact with passca.


Lifting Range:89-370mm /Lightweight Aluminum Construction
Lifting Range:89-460mm /Lightweight Aluminum Construction
Lifting Range:89-505mm /GS approved certificate
Lifting Range:102-465mm/Dual Swift Pump for Fast Lifting
Lifting Range:102-465mm /GS Approved Certificate
Lifting Range:95-490mm /Nylon Wheels

floor jack overload test

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