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  • Compact construction and fully weld steel side plates
  • Wide front wheels and swivel rear caster wheels for stability and easy mobility
  • Meets strict and crucial ASME PASE-2019 safety requirements
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Passca Certification
Passca Trolley Jack

Passca hydraulic trolley jacks are manufactured from heavy gauge steel and quality hydraulic fluid. They can handle different weight capacities ranging from 2 tons. Our trolley jacks are versatile and available in a wide range of options. You can opt for low profile Passca jacks or those with extended height. Basically, you can use them to lift any load, like light cars or heavy-duty automotive engines. Every Passca hydraulic trolley jack is subjected to high quality inspection process. This is to ensure they meet the CE, ASME, quality standards. All our hydraulic trolley jacks do not rust since they have lead free paint, with a long-lasting finish. The paint is also resistant to dirt, grease, or oil; making it easy to clean and maintain. To extend the service life of every hydraulic trolley jack, we design this equipment with a large diameter hydraulic steel cylinder. You only require a low oil pressure to move a load. With the help of our R&D team, we manufacture reliable, easy to use and versatile hydraulic trolley jacks.

Trolley Jack

Passca is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers in China

We offer a comprehensive range of trolley jacks.

Trolley jack is a roadside assistance tool .you can store in your boot due to its compact design and packed in one blow case. some passca trolley jack has a unique low profile and one-piece solid steel frame design .it’s really makes the jacks more durable compared to conventional trolley jacks. Passca trolley jack comes 2 front steel wheel and 2 rear swivel castors .you can place it to reach the lifting point so easily. With Passca low profile trolley jack, you can lift the low clearance sports vehicles. Passca trolley jack has all-steel construction and thicker lifting beam which added stability and strength .all jack equipped with one piece of pumping handle and also one plastic carry handle .it makes the jack convenient to carry .with powder coating finish .passca trolley jack is more durable and glorious looking

Lifting Range:135-340mm
Lifting Range:130-330mm -One Piece Solid Steel Frame Construction
Lifting Range:133-387mm -One Piece Solid Steel Frame Construction
Lifting Range:192-532mm-Adjustable Saddle

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Passca: Trolley Jack

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