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  • Designed for lifting motorcycles while repairing or maintenance routine needed
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic pump
  • Wide diamond steel  table
  • Safety bar is used for preventing from accidental falling
  • Adjustable foot for increased stability
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Passca Motorcycle Lift

Passca is one of the leading motorcycle lift manufacturers &suppliers. Every Passca motorcycle lift is designed with heavy-duty applications in mind. It is ideal lifting tool for the motorcycle while needed to repair or maintenance.

They come with retractable casters, dual mounting pins, and a removable ramp. You can lift your motorcycles easily.

Every Passca motorcycle lift is also fitted with wheels making it easier to move around within the garage. Also, during operation, you can lock the wheels. We consider this as an important safety measure.

All our motorcycle lifts are manufactured as per the CE  ASME quality standards. This equipment you can trust in your daily motorcycle repair and maintenance routine.

Motorcycle Lift

As a professional motorcycle lift manufacturers, PASSCA has in this filed for more than 10 years. We have a wide range for you to choose, Passca motorcycle lift has hydraulic, air/hydraulic, electric/hydraulic 3 categories

The motorcycle lift is also called a motorcycle lift table, it used to lift the motorcycle off from the ground, then some repair and maintenance work can be done easily .and you also can do the oil changing and clean the motorcycle. the passca motorcycle lift is made from gauge steel and complete plate and also fitted with wheels, you can move the motorcycle in your home garage.

All Passca motorcycle lift is covered with durable powder-coat finish.we also utilizing top-quality components and advanced manufacturing techniques,passca motorcycle lift is convenient &safe to use and exceptionally represents excellent value for money.

Passca motorcycle lift features a hinged ramp, it provides easy loading and off-loading the motorcycle lift .it also has a removable panel, you can take it down while you need to change the rear wheel.

Passca motorcycle lift has a foot pedal operated hydraulic pump.which can elevate the motorcycle to your ideal working height .so you don’t need to bend down or kneel to do the maintenance needs, it has a safety locking bar which avoids unintentional lowering

.passca motorcycle lift has front-wheel locking clamp which fixed the front also comes with removable ratchet straps which add extra stability.

The air/hydraulic motorcycle lift is benefits from a dual operating system with compressed air, it can lift a motorcycle in fewer seconds.

The electric/hydraulic motorcycle lift is fitted with an electric motor .it will be premium series

Passca motorcycle lift is an essential tool for motorcycle maintenance

Contact us now. Passca is always your safest, most reliable motorcycle lift suppliers

Foot Pedal Opreated Hydraulic Pump-Hand Design For Easy Mobility
Foot Pedal Opreated Hydraulic Pump-Safety Bar Is Used For Preventing From Accidental Falling
Electric Over Hydraulic -With Front and Back Activities Board
Air Over Hydraulic-Air Pump Reduce Labor and Improve Working Efficiency
With Air Pump Reduce Labor and Improve Working Efficiency
With Side Plate Installed Can Lift ATV
Foot Pedal Opreated Hydraulic Pump
ModelCapacityPlatform size(CM)Ramp Size(CM)
800LBS190*5342*53with air
1000LBS206*5560*55with air
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If you’re looking for a motorcycle lift table supplier, Passca is the right name you can trust

what we offer can be divided into three categories. hydraulic, air over hydraulic, electric/hydraulic.

The motorcycle lift is also called motorcycle lift table, it is used to lift the motorcycle off from the ground, then some repair and maintenance work can be done easily

Motorcycle Lift: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will answer all questions you have been asking about motorcycle lifts.

Whether you want to learn about the parts, designs, or working principles, you will find every information here.

Let’s get started:

What is a Motorcycle Lift?

A motorcycle lift is equipment that is used to lift and position a motorcycle to an ideal height or position for servicing or repair.

It removes the need for kneeling or bending while servicing your motorcycle thus enhancing efficiency while also protecting your back from straining.

How does a Motorcycle Lift Work?

Motorcycle lifts work differently depending on the type, model, or lifting system of the particular model.

A typical motorcycle has;

  • A hydraulic pump that enables lifting.
  • A steel platform that acts as “arms” of the motorcycle lift.
  • In most, retractable casters and leg-lock may be found which ensures safe operations.
  • Steel ramps with mounted pins for security.
  • A hand or foot access panel for easy pump servicing.

How much does a Motorcycle Lift Cost?

The price range of motorcycle lifts depends on the make and the type of lifting mechanism.

The pricing range from as low as USD100 to as high as USD 30,000

How High does a Motorcycle Lift go?

The lift of a motorcycle lift depends on the size of the motorcycle being repaired on the platform.

The average height of a lift is 29.5 inches.

Also, note that the height usually depends on the height of the operator.

What are the Components of a Motorcycle Lift?

A typical motorcycle lift may have a foot or hand-operated pump which allows hands-free operation of the motorcycle lift.

Most of them also have welded steel frames for stability and withstand heavy usage.

Several motorcycle lifts have retractable casters, tire stop, and also a leg lock to avoid slips and unnecessary movements.

How long is a Motorcycle Lift?

The length of a motorcycle lift varies and depends on the size and usage of the specific use. Huge motorcycles need a wide platform and a more pronounced lift.

The same applies to small motorcycles which will require a much smaller platform.

What are the Different Variations and Styles of a Motorcycle Lift?

The different variations and styles of a motorcycle lift depend on the size and weight of the load. It also depends on the style or model of the motorcycle.

You may find some which are small and simple to handle small motorbikes.

Other variations have back, front or side extensions to handle bigger motorbikes.

Features such as front-wheel clamps, rear-wheel drop, or remote control capabilities are also some of the motorcycle lift variations available.

Is there a Type of Compressor required to Operate the Air-operated Motorcycle Lifts?

The type of compressor required depends on the required PSI and size of the reserve tank of the equipment you might be operating.

A typical motorcycle lift can operate with less than a 20-gallon tank for several up and down cycles.

Does the Thickness of the Steel on the Motorcycle Lift Matter?

The steel thickness does matter because it is the backbone of the lift and supports all the components of the motorcycle lift.

According to the set standards for the production of motorcycle lifts, a thickness of 10 gauge or 1/8 inch is ideal for steel frames.

Are there Replacement Parts for Motorcycle Lift?

Most of the manufacturers of motorcycle lifts will have after-sale services and warranty for their products.

Some parts are prone to wear and tear especially the hydraulic lifts thus need replacements and servicing.

In case you need any replacement parts for your motorcycle lift, you can contact Passca Tools now.

We are an OEM factory so we offer motorcycle replacement parts for any model in the market.

Are Motorcycle Lifts Mobile?

Yes, several motorcycle lifts are mobile.

When you remove wheels from a motorcycle, it will be near impossible to move it around in the course of repair or servicing.

The mobile motorcycle lift enables you to move the motorcycle in different positions.

It also frees up space so you can get extra workspace for other projects.

How do you Maintain Motorcycle Lifts?

Before making any adjustments or repairs to a motorcycle lift, you should read the operator’s manual first.

This is important to avoid safety hazards.

Also, ensure that you are properly trained and understand clearly how to operate the motorcycle lift before embarking on any repair work.

When repairing a motorcycle lift, you should:

  • First, inspect your work area and ensure it is clean and free of debris. This will minimize safety hazards.
  • Ensure that you have the necessary know-how of operating and servicing the unit.
  • You should always refer to the operator’s manual provided by the manufacturer.
  • You should first operate and test all the components to diagnose the problem area before starting repair work. Inspect for damage, wear, tear, or missing parts.
  • All moving parts should be lubricated for optimum function and always follow the user manual for lubrication regimens.
  • Always ensure that the replacement parts for the motorcycle lift are the ones recommended by the manufacturer. Negligence will result in accidents due to faulty parts.
  • Always lift the motorcycle lift to its maximum height and inspect for rust on the steel frame. Clean accordingly where necessary. This ensures that the support structure of the steel frame is not compromised.
  • After repair, carefully inspect all components and parts and ensure everything is screwed back tightly.
  • Clean the unit and clear your work area of repairing tools before you start operating your motorcycle lift.

How do you Tie Down a Motorcycle on a Lift?

There are several ways you can tie a motorcycle on a motorcycle lift but it all depends on the type and model of the motorcycle and the lift.

Below is a simple tie-down procedure:

  • Securing the Bike: first, ensure your lift is low to the ground level to wheel your motorcycle to the jack.

It is important to ensure your tie-down prevents the wheel from moving.

The most ideal way of ensuring that your motorcycle’s wheel doesn’t move is by inserting a wheel block. A wheel block will ensure your tire remains on the ground.

  • Fitting the tie-down straps: the first thing is to make sure that you have the right straps for your motorcycle. Attach the straps correctly and firmly to the holes on your bike.

Tie down the motorcycle following the provided user manual and tie-down instructions.

The common tie-down procedure provides that you attach two straps on the handle and two on the back wheel.

  • Tie-down the bike: tighten the straps on the motorcycle but not so tight to a breaking point.
  • Raise the motorcycle: after ensuring that the motorcycle is secured, you can begin raising the jack.

For safety, ensure that the straps are tightened safely and that the motorcycle is steady and firm to avoid it from falling over.

What are the Specifications of a Typical Motorcycle Lift?

Motorcycle lifts come in various specifications.

The specifications required vary from one user to the other.

Some of the major specifications you can consider when looking for a motorcycle lift include:

  1. Durability: you must access the durability of the lift by considering the design quality and material used.

The design quality should match the design of the motorcycle to be used on the lift’s platform.

Steel frames are highly recommended for a durable and strong motorcycle lift.

  1. Functionality: you should evaluate if the motorcycle lift can lift motorcycles safely, the user can work comfortably, and lastly if the lift can lessen working time.

If the motorcycle lift meets these parameters then it meets its functionality.

  1. Safety: the motorcycle lift should adhere to the highest safety standards.

This is by evaluating that there are no sharp edges, and that the safety locks work when the motorcycle is lifted.

Also, ensure that the tire lock holds the motorcycle safely. Safety comes first.

  1. Instructional capability: you should be able to understand the use and functions of the various parts of a motorcycle lift.

Follow the user manual that comes with it and understand how the lift operates.

A motorcycle that is easy to use is highly recommended.

What are Some of the Components of a Portable Motorcycle Lift?

Some of the components of a portable motorcycle lift include but are not limited to:

  • Lift frame: this supports and raises the motorcycle to an ideal position required by the user.
  • Rotatable legs: these are connected to the frame and help in moving the lift from one area to the other as required.
  • Side kickstand: this is pinned at a correct distance to stabilize a motorcycle.
  • Pump cradle bracket: The pump cradle bracket is vital because it is used to elevate the frame of the motorcycle lift.
  • Longitudinal positioning enables the motorcycle lift to accommodate the size of the motorcycle being lifted.
  • Trestle legs: they are usually protruding outward from the stand to stabilize the lift stand.
  • Retractable tail ramp: this facilitates the loading of a motorcycle to the lift.

What are the different types of Motorcycle Lift Tables?

There are different types of motorcycle lift tables. They include compressed air, hydraulic, or air-over-hydraulic motorcycle lifts among others.

These come in different weight capacities and with different features.

What is the Most Common Use of a Motorcycle Lift?

The most common use of motorcycle lifts is making the lifting process of a motorcycle during servicing easier.

It makes lifting the motorcycle to proper servicing height safer and easier.

What Safety Measures can be Applied when Using a Motorcycle Lift?

  • Ensure that the motorcycle lift weighs more than the motorcycle and that a reasonable safety margin is achieved.
  • Ensure that the sharp edges of your motorcycle lift’s components have rubber to avoid your motorcycle from being scratched.
  • To ensure that your motorcycle doesn’t fall in the process of repairing, make sure it is strapped securely. Also, make sure that the safety attachment points are strong and firm.
  • Make sure your working area is clean and clear of unnecessary tools or litter. This will minimize workplace safety hazards.
  • It is important to make sure your motorcycle is balanced on the motorcycle lift. This is achieved by having the know-how of your motorcycle’s center of gravity.

What are the Different Lifting Mechanisms of a Motorcycle Lift?

Different motorcycles have different lift mechanisms.

The different mechanisms have more or the same functions.

The most common lift mechanisms are scissors, hydraulic, electric, or airlift mechanisms.

Does a Motorcycle Lift have any other use other than Lifting?

Motorcycle lifts are commonly used for lifting motorcycles during repair or servicing.

But they can also be used for storing motorcycle parts or even tools and equipment, repairing bicycles or even as trolleys.

What are the Advantages of a Motorcycle Lift?

Some of the pros or rather advantages of motorcycle lifts include but are not limited to:

  • Efficiency: it is strenuous to work on your knees; it is more strenuous working while bending.

Long hours of bending and kneeling can have an impact on your health, especially affecting your back.

This is where a motorcycle lift comes in handy. It helps in lifting the motorcycle to a safe height where the repairer won’t strain his knees or back while working.

  • Storage: Motorcycles lifts can act as storage facilities and save space in your work area. You can store extra motorcycle tires, tools, and other equipment in them.
  • Cost-effective: with their range of use, you get a small workshop in your home. This saves time for visiting a garage for your bike’s repair needs.
  • Flexibility: most motorcycle lifts are light, compact, and portable thus making it easy to move them from one area to another as needed and also save on space.

What are the Limitations of Motorcycle Lift?

Some of the disadvantages of a motorcycle lift table may include:

  • Overheating: sometimes the oil in the piston system of a motorcycle lift may overheat thus making the lift inefficient.
  • Leakages: the hydraulic oil sometimes leaks from the various components of a lift leading to soil and also become hazardous.
  • Noise pollution: some models of motorcycle lifts tend to be noisy especially the hydraulic ones.
  • Slow speed: you may find some models of motorcycle lifts slower than others depending on the type of lift system.
  • Smooth lift: some types of motorcycle lifts may have a pretty cumbersome lift.

What are the Key Features of Motorcycle Lifts?

Some of the key futures of a motorcycle lift include:

  • Stability: they should be stable enough to hold a motorcycle in place. A motorcycle lift should also be made from strong and durable materials.
  • Lifting capacity: motorcycle lifts come equipped with maximum lifting capacity. This assists in making the right choice in choosing what type of motorcycle to lift on it.
  • Length and width: the larger the size of the motorcycle lift. For a larger motorcycle, choose a motorcycle with a larger motorcycle lift platform and vice versa.
  • Adjustable lifting height: given the different heights of motorcycle lift users, adjustable lifting height is ideal. This ensures an ideal working position that is not strenuous is achieved.
  • Safety: this should be a priority to avoid accidents and incidents from a faulty motorcycle lift. It should meet all laid down safety standards and operated according to its manufacturing manual.

Can a Motorcycle Lift be used to lift other Machines?

Yes, you can use a motorcycle lift in lifting other equipment as long as they don’t surpass the maximum lifting capacity of the lift.

The weight of the equipment should and must be put into consideration before lifting.

It would also be prudent to consult the operation manual or the manufacturer of the motorcycle lift before lifting other equipment.

 What are the Components of a Scissor Motorcycle Lift?

Figure 7 Motorcycle scissor lift

A scissor motorcycle lift has frames that crisscross like a scissor. Some of its components include:

  • Support platform: for supporting the motorcycle and it includes a flat surface.
  • Pair of scissor frame assemblies: this supports the platform on which a motorcycle is supported on.
  • Actuator: it is connected between the first and second scissor arms. It is used to raise and lower the platform.
  • Straps: these are for securing the motorcycle onto the platform
  • U-shaped rods: these are also used to secure the motorcycle on the lift’s platform.

What is a Hitch Connectable Motorcycle Lift?

This is a type of motorcycle lift where the lift is usable with a hitch receiver with a connector.

It works by moving the hitch from one position to the other thus lifting the motorcycle.

What are some of the Accessories used on a Motorcycle Lift?

Some of the accessories found on a motorcycle lift include:

  1. Wheel vises and chocks are used to tighten the wheels into position.
  2. Rubber wheel protection to protect the wheel from sliding.
  • Wheel clamps to hold the bike in position.
  1. Side extensions to accommodate larger motorcycles.
  2. Motorcycle jacks for brakes, tire repairs as well as many other services.

In short, these are some of the basic aspects you need to know about motorcycle lift systems.

In case you have any questions about the motorcycle lift you can talk to our technical team now.

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