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Passca Your Reliable Supplier for Garage Equipment Tools

For over 10 years, Passca Tools has been manufacturing high-quality garage equipment & tools for the automotive industry. At Passca ,we ensure every product is made to exceed quality standards due to control all production processes. we have a wide range of jacks, stands, cranes, presses, and lifts .we are the best provider of automotive garage equipment.

Why Choose Passca

PASSCA is a leading manufacturer of garage equipment and tools. We have a wide range of products for selection

  • ISO 9001 quality management system
  • Complete range of jacks ,cranes,and presses,stands, and motorcycle lifts, with low profile and quick-lift technology
  • Quality control is carried out throughout the production process.
  • Quick response and good after-sales service
  • Free full back up service will be provided
  • Accumulated 30 years’ experience

Download Our Catalog

Check out our latest 2021 products catalog, it includes all the latest garage equipment and tools .we have a complete range of jacks, stands, cranes,presses, and lifts too.

Contact With Passca

Just send us your questions or concerns, We will give you the help you need.
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