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  • Long reach frame floor  jack fits for buses and trucks
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  • Heavy Duty Thick Steel Side Plate
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  • Meets ASME-PASE  2019 safety requirements
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Passca Long Reach Floor Jack

Passca is a premier long floor jack and heavy-duty floor jacks manufacturer & supplier.

Passca long floor jack features a heavy-duty all-welded steel Whether you are looking for a 5ton, 10 ton, or 20ton floor jack; Passca manufactures jacks that surpass end-users expectations. They conform to the CE, ASME, quality standards.

With a reinforced lift arm assembly and thick side plate frame, Passca long floor jacks provide the required lifting strength. The T-handle offers a smooth pumping mechanism.

Passca long floor jacks are available in both high to extra-low profile. They are versatile and adaptable long floor jacks. Again, the extra-wide base makes all Passca long floor jacks stable. For inquiries about this product, contact our technical team.

Long Reach Floor Jack

Long reach floor jack has a long frame chassis which makes it easy to reach the lifting point so quickly, as leading long reach floor jack manufacturers and suppliers,passca offer top-line products in the market, such as 3ton,5ton,10ton,15ton, and 20ton.

This long frame chassis floor jack is designed to lifting buses, heavy trucks, and other vehicles and equipment .with the help of 2 swivel castors, you can maneuver to contact jacking point so quickly .also some models fitted with foot pedal can provide quick set-up.

passca unique welded hydraulic pump eliminates oil leak, and making it more durable and reduce the wear .you can trust the quality as we use high carbon steel plate which against twist. Also, the built-in safety overload valve prevents accidental can easy to reach under vehicles with low overhang as this long floor jack has 3 position pumping handle. the powder coating finish prevents rust and extends the service life

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Passca: Long Reach Floor Jacks

PASSCA long reach floor jacks are a heavy-duty, reliable lifting solution for any automotive shop. 

The increased lift height and weight capacity compared to our standard floor jacks makes long reach models the best piece of equipment for the most demanding tasks. 

All of PASSCA’s long reach floor jacks feature welded construction and have been thoroughly inspected to meet a rigorous standard of quality. 

Long Reach Floor Jacks: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This FAQ is all about the tallest and sturdiest of floor jacks: the long reach floor jack type. 

Throughout this guide you will learn about the benefits and uses of a long reach floor jack, how to choose one for your shop or vehicles, and why PASSCA is an excellent option for meeting the needs of any professional auto worker. 

We add to this guide all the time, so please, send us your questions

What Is a Long Reach Floor Jack?

A long reach floor jack is a subtype of floor jacks that specialize in high lift heights; all floor jacks are devices used for lifting heavy objects or vehicles that already have some ground clearance.  

The long chassis of this style jack is also useful for reaching the appropriate jack point on a vehicle quickly. 

While there are lightweight models of floor jacks, like aluminum floor jacks, the long reach floor jacks are typically much sturdier and heavier to allow for the lifting of greater weights. 

3ton long floor jack

What Are the Benefits of a High Reach Floor Jack?

A floor jack with a high and long reach allows quick and easy access to hard to reach jack points on a wide variety of vehicles. 

Lifting a vehicle to a higher lift point allows the easier addition of jack stands at a greater height, which provides more servicing options for an automotive technician. 

Some vehicle types, like RVs, lifted trucks, and tractors, require a much taller floor jack to even reach their jack points, so a low jack will not suffice.

What Specifications of Long Reach Floor Jack Does PASSCA Offer?

PASSCA offers a 2 ton capacity long reach floor jack as the entry level version, for light lifting between a minimum height of 140 mm and a maximum lift height of 800 mm. 

We also manufacture long floor jacks with capacities of 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons, and a whopping 20 tons; all PASSCA measurements use the metric ton which is 2204 pounds.   

As the weight capacity of a long reach floor jack goes up, the weight of the jack itself will increase, to allow for safe lifting; the 20 ton capacity jack weighs 215 kg itself. 

For tasks that require more than 20 tons, PASSCA recommends you upgrade to one of our air hydraulic service jacks, which go up to 50 tons. 

What Is the Highest Lifting Floor Jack?

PASSCA’s 2 ton long reach floor jack has a maximum height of 800 mm, making it our highest lifting option besides a farm jack. 

Why Should I Choose a Heavy Duty Floor Jack?

A heavy duty long reach floor jack from PASSCA features welded construction, high-carbon steel side plates, and a thick and stable finish to ensure a long life for your jack full of safe use and minimal wear and tear. 

A heavy duty floor jack like all our long reach models are great for repetitive use in a professional environment, because that is exactly what they were designed to do. 

High-quality equipment is an investment that all the most trusted auto mechanics rely on for the core of their business. 

Does PASSCA Make an Aluminum Long Reach Floor Jack?

While a long reach aluminum floor jack would mix the lightweight construction of aluminum equipment and the enhanced usefulness of a long reach jack, it is not as simple as swapping out the metals. 

Right now, PASSCA does not make an aluminum low profile long reach floor jack, but it is something we are currently developing; if you would like to be notified once we have these available please contact us

How Do I Choose the Best Long Reach Floor Jack for My Vehicle?

The best way to choose a jack for your specific vehicle is to measure the distance to the manufacturer-recommended jack points along the bottom and measure the current level of ground clearance. 

You will need to use a jack with a minimum height that is lower than the vehicle’s normal ground clearance, so you can attach it to the proper jack point. 

The length of a long reach floor jack can help you access hard-to-reach points along the chassis that can provide a safer, faster lift; so make sure your long reach jack can reach these points. 

Should I Get a Low Profile Long Reach Floor Jack?

Possibly: the heavy duty floor jacks we offer come with a higher minimum height, for example the 15 and 20 ton long reach floor jacks have a minimum height of 220 mm. 

If your ground clearance works with a long reach floor jack, the additional reach and quick lift make them a fantastic choice. 

What Is PASSCA’s Longest Reach Floor Jack?

If you need an extra long reach floor jack, the 80610 model has a long reach without being overkill. 

All of the long reach floor jacks make it easier to access jack points, so any of them would be a good option. 

If you have an incredibly hard to reach position that needs lifting, a bottle jack could be another option, especially if it needs to be behind a wheel. 

What Is the Best Low Profile Long Reach Floor Jack?

For vehicles with a low profile, long reach floor jacks might not work as well as one of PASSCA’s low profile models. 

PASSCA makes a low profile floor jack with a 75 mm minimum height (the 80507), which is the best for low-riding vehicles. 

Why Doesn’t PASSCA Make a 4 Ton Long Reach Floor Jack?

-4 ton low profile long reach floor jack (PASSCA’s 3.5 works as a 4ton long ton jack, because we use the metric ton)

One of the most searched capacities for a long reach floor jack is 4 tons, due to its versatility for most passenger vehicles. 

PASSCA jacks use metric tons to calculate their lift capacity, so the 3.5 model works the same as a 4 US ton capacity jack. 

We decided to do one better and make a long reach 5 ton jack, the model 80605, which can handle more tasks while still remaining fairly light and easy to use quickly.

Now, you are ready to seek out the best long reach floor jack for your lifting needs. 

For more information and the specific details of every model, you can refer to the PASSCA Catalog. 

Contact PASSCA Tools now for all your lifting equipment needs. 

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