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  • Heavy-duty hydraulic equipment for auto body, frame repair, and construction jobs
  • All steel construction
  • Automatic pump overload system helps prevent damage to ram and equipment
  • Portable – no need for a power source
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Passca Porta Power Jack

Our heavy-duty portable hydraulic equipment kit includes ram, hydraulic pump, and hose. We have designed this porta power pack to meet the dynamic demands of the industrial, automotive, or repair applications. You can use a Passca porta power jack for lifting, spreading, pulling, or clamping applications.

Every porta power jack features a strong and sturdy structure, designed with the heavy-duty application in mind. It is a piece of equipment you can trust.

Also, they are easy to assemble and disassemble. This is mainly attributed to Passca’s unique designs, whose aim is to make every jack easy to use and maintain.

For easy pumping, all our porta power jacks come with a long handle. Also, these jacks are fitted with thick-walled extension. All these make our porta power jacks easy to use, strong, and extend service lifespan. We pack many tube extensions for use in applications.

The flexible hydraulic hose makes the Porta power jack flexible and convenient. For a fact, the Passca porta power jack kit is handy in all applications.

For inquiries or questions, contact our sales team.

Porta Power Jack

These versatile portable power kits from Passca can be used for car body and frame repaired. Also, it can be used on bending, lifting, pushing, and straightening.

You can choose from 4ton.10ton,20ton according to which force you want. The portable power kits have a powerful and sturdy hydraulic pump

PASSCA uses a polyurethane(PU) seal to eliminate the oil leak and to increase 100% lifetime compared to other manufacturers.

Portable Hydraulic Equipment Kit
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Porta Power Jack: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you’re looking for about the porta power jack such as components, working principles, functions, weight lifting capacity, and safety measures, amongst others.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is Porta Power Jack?

Porta power jack is a type of mechanical tool mostly used in vehicle body is capable of pushing, pulling, aligning, spreading, and straightening of a vehicle’s body.

It is vital equipment in any garage because it helps in reaching those parts difficult to reach.

Figure 1 Porta power jack

How does Porta Power Jack compare to other types of Lifting Jacks?

A porta power jack is different from other types of jacks in how it is used.

Lifting jacks are used in lifting vehicles off the ground while others are used in holding a lifted vehicle into position.

A porta power jack is used in pushing, spreading, pulling, aligning, and straightening a vehicle’s body.

It is usually used in reaching the tight spots in a vehicle that cannot be accessed easily by other body-aligning tools.

What are the Benefits of Porta Power Jack?

Some of the advantages or benefits of porta power jacks include:

  • They use hydraulic power making it easy in spreading and pushing the vehicle’s body.
  • Most of them have lifting heights up to 18 inches making them functional.
  • They have load capacities of up to 20 tons ram making them able to push heavy-bodied vehicle bodies.
  • Most of the porta power jacks in the market have an overload system that helps prevent damage to ram and equipment.
  • They are portable thus do not need a power source.
  • The various components of a porta power jack are easy to assemble.
  • Perfect for dent and bend in thick steel materials.
  • Most of them have diverse use such as auto body repair, pop dents, and panels.
  • They have multipurpose use such as in garages, farms, and heavy equipment repairs.
  • They can be used to reach tight spaces of a vehicle where other body alignment tools can’t reach.

What are the Components/Accessories of Porta Power Jack?

Some of the components of a porta power jack include:

Figure 2 Components of porta power jack

  1. Hydraulic hand pumps are used for exerting hydraulic power that pushes or bulls the body.
  2. Hose: transfers the hydraulic pressure
  3. Ram: can range from as low as 4 ton to as high as 20 ton
  4. Spreader ram: exacts force on the vehicle’s body and spreads it.
  5. Extension tubes: help in ensuring the porta power jack reaches the various parts you want to work on. It also connects the ram to the hydraulic cylinder.
  6. Male connectors: these are the connectors that assist in pushing the body of the vehicle.
  7. A flat base that supports the porta power jack
  8. Wedge head: the part that exerts pressure on the part of a vehicle that needs pushing.
  9. Spreader plunger toe: it is used in spreading part of the equipment that requires spreading.
  10. Flex head:  part of a porta power jack.
  11. Hydraulic pump: for pumping to the hydraulic cylinder which produces hydraulic power.
  12. Serrated saddle: used for exacting pressure on the flex head.
  13. Carry case to store and carry the porta power jack
  14. User manual showings how to use, service, assemble and store the porta power jack.

How does Porta Power Jack Work?

A porta power jack works in the following easy steps.

  • Safety check: before the start of usage inspect your porta power jack for any broken pieces, missing parts, leakages, and ensure your work area is clean.
  • Assembling: porta power jacks need to be assembled before usage, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s manual on how to assemble your porta power jack and how to disassemble it. You should assemble your porta power jack depending on the usage such as pulling, stretching, spreading, or aligning.
  • Before use, the release valve should be located and closed firmly by turning it in a clockwise direction.
  • After closing the valve, and attaching the horse assembly to the ram, pump your porta power jack to exert hydraulic pressure on the ram assembly. The hydraulic power will make the ram stretch/spread and repair the desired part of a vehicle’s body.
  • Keep on pumping until you achieve the desired ram spread.

How do you Assemble Porta Power Jack?

There are several ways to assemble a porta power jack depending on the usage.

Follow the following easy steps in assembling your porta power jack:

  • Attach the handle grip to the handle assembly if they come separated.
  • Ensure the retaining pins; piston return clip, packing nut, packing set, and piston are fully assembled.
  • Ensure that the release valve screw, safety valve spring, and overload plunger are fully assembled.
  • Ensure that the release screw assembly, release insert assembly, intake ball spring, and pressure ball spring are all fully assembled.
  • Ensure the reservoir head collar, reservoir head, reservoir, and base are fully connected and assembled.
  • Before assembling the hose coupler to the ram coupler, ensure the safety caps are removed.
  • When connecting the ram coupler to the horse coupler, make sure that the hydraulic fluid doesn’t leak and that all the components are in good shape to avoid accidents.
  • The pump must be the above level of ram position with the ram coupler up.
  • Always use lock pins with adapters and connectors when assembling your porta power jack.

How much Weight can Porta Power Jack Lift?

The weight that porta power jacks can handle depends on the specific use of the jack.

Porta power jacks can handle weights ranging as low as 4ton to as much as 20tons.

How do you Refill Hydraulic Oil in Hydraulic Porta Jack?

The Hydraulic cylinder is a key component of a port’s power jack. It works by transforming the motion of the lifting lever into fluid pressure.

The fluid is mainly hydraulic oil and when the oil is low or contaminated, the hoist movement may be affected.

The following easy steps should be followed in changing or refilling the hydraulic cylinder:

  • Place a rag or old newspapers beneath the cylinder to catch any overflowing hydraulic oil.
  • Remove the fill plug out of its hole in the cylinder and put it in a clean safe place.
  • Drain the hydraulic fluid and dispose of it safely following the manufacturer’s disposal manual.
  • Fill new and clean hydraulic oil in a clean can to refill the hydraulic cylinder.
  • Fill the hydraulic cylinder to the bream and let the hydraulic oil overflow and settle.
  • Raise the hoist to its maximum height, open the cylinder release valve, and put the hoist back to its lowest position. This will release the excess air from the cylinder.
  • Double-check the oil level and add more if necessary. When filled, reinsert the oil fill plug.

How do you Service Porta Power Jack?

Some of the protocols you may observe in servicing or maintain your porta power jack include:

  • Inspect hoses and connections, check for leakages or missing pins or plugs.
  • Replace all the damaged components of your porta power jack with only the parts recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Tighten connections as needed.
  • Always change the hydraulic oil as instructed by the manufacturer and never mix different oils in your hydraulic cylinder.
  • Lubricate all moving parts of your porta power jack such as the rams and connectors.
  • Check ram and pump pistons for signs of corrosion and rust, grease, and oil parts needing greasing and oiling.
  • When storing your porta power jack always ensure that the pump piston and ram are fully retracted.
  • Never use sandpaper or abrasive material in cleaning any part of your porta power jack.

What are the Safety Measures when using Porta Power Jack?

Some of the safety measures to be observed when using a porta power jack include:

Figure 3 Porta power jack kit

  • Follow all manufacturers’ instructions on handling, assembling, disassembling, and operating your porta power jack.
  • Wear the appropriate personal safety gear when operating a porta power jack.
  • Never use a porta power jack as a supporting, lifting, or holding device on a vehicle.
  • Keep your feet and hands away from the ram to avoid crushing or pinch points.
  • For durability and safety ensure you follow the manufacturer’s porta power jack’s load capacity, it should not be exceeded in any way even when using any of its components such as the ram.
  • Porta power jack operating pressure should not exceed the maximum rated pressure.
  • Ensure the hydraulic hose is not twisted, curled, crushed, or bend tightly. Always inspect the hydraulic horse for any damages.
  • Do not pull position or move the porta power jack setup by the horse, always use the handle for safe transport.
  • Always ensure the system pressure is released before handling the hydraulic horse.
  • Keep the hydraulic cylinder and horse away from fire.
  • Ensure that the base is set up on a flat and stable base to support the load safely.
  • For your safety, always ensure you balance and place the load at the center of the ram while working with your porta power bank. This is in order to increase the load weight on the entire jack.
  • Always use factory authorized fasteners, accessories, and hydraulic fluid while serving your porta power jack.

Which Type of Oil does Porta Power Jack use?

Porta power jacks use hydraulic power in lifting or pulling the ram. The hydraulic power comes from the hydraulic cylinder which converts hydraulic fluid/ Oil into pressure through a pump mechanism.

The hydraulic fluid is hydraulic oil.

What is the Best Material for Porta Power Jack?

Porta power jacks are made from steel and cast iron. The material used varies depending on the weight the porta power jack is supposed to hold.

How do you Bleed Porta Power Jack?

To bleed air from a porta power jack through the ram follow these steps:

  • Elevation: the horse and ram should be at a lower elevation than the pump to avoid the hydraulic fluid to clear air bubbles.
  • Pump and ram: pump until the ram retracts twice or thrice its size normal size to allow air bubbles to flow back to the hydraulic cylinder.
  • After retracting the ram, the valve should be closed and the ram extended.
  • The blast step involves opening the valve to enable air and oil to flow back into the reservoir.

You can also bleed air from a porta power jack from the pump by retracting the ram then removing the oil cap to let the pressurized air out, and finally put back the oil cap.

How much does Porta Power Jack Cost?

The price of porta power jacks varies depending on the maximum weight, the load capacity, and the minimum height.

The price can range from a high of $1000 to as low as $80 depending on the aforementioned factors.

What are the Pump Mechanisms of Porta Power Jack?

Some of the pump mechanisms available include:

  • Hydraulic pump mechanisms
  • Compressed air pump mechanisms.
  • Mechanical /physical pump mechanisms.
  • Electric traction pumps mechanism.
  • Crank pump mechanism.

What is a Hydraulic Spreader in Porta Power Jack?

This is a tool that uses hydraulic power to spread its arms. By the force of the hydraulic pressure, is two arms come together in a narrow tip.

The hydraulic spreader in porta power jacks is used to in spreading bent parts of a vehicle. It is ideal for use where other spreading tools cannot reach.

What is the Working Pressure of Porta Power Jack?

The working pressure of a porta power jack is around 56mpa. It varies from one porta power jack to the other depending on the size and use of the porta power jack.

Does Porta Power Jack have a Warranty?

Yes, most of the porta power jacks in the market come with a warranty. You should handle and service the porta power jack according to the manufacturer’s to claim a warranty in case your jack breaks up.

What is the Function of Adapters in Porta Power Jack?

Adapters in porta power jacks are used to in connecting the various parts and components of a porta power jack.

Figure 4 Porta power jack system

What is the Maximum Lifting Height for Porta Power Jack?

The maximum lifting capacity of porta power jacks depends on the size and use of the jacks. You can find porta power jacks with a lift up to 10ft in the market.

What are the Uses of Porta Power Jack?

Porta power jacks can be used for:

  • Pushing vehicles damaged body parts.
  • Pulling vehicles damaged body part
  • For spreading a bent component/ part of a vehicle.
  • For aligning a damaged part of a vehicle’s body.
  • Straightening a damaged part of the body of a vehicle.
  • Gives one the flexibility and access needed in tight areas of a vehicle.
  • Can be used in auto repairs, frame repair, and construction jobs.

When it comes to lifting equipment, whether you need hydraulic jacks, motorcycle lifts or farm jacks.

For any inquiries or questions about porta power jacks, contact Passca Tools now.

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