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  • Rotating the handle to balance
  • Made from heavy duty steel
  • Four 10inch chains with hooks
  • Tilts forward and backward for easy engine alignment
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Passca Engine Leveler

Whether you want to install, remove or stabilize heavy loads, Passca engine leveler is a perfect solution for this task. Our engine levelers are available in a wide range of load capacities such as 750 lbs., 1250 lbs. 1500 lbs. or 2000 lbs. Every Passca engine lever is designed to fit most workshop cranes, cherry pickers or engine hoists. It is one of the versatile and adaptable products available in the industry. For enhanced strength and durability, all engine levelers are manufactured from heavy duty steel. Thus, they can support almost any engine . Also, the crank handle is designed to allow for fast and easy balancing the engine. This makes operations simple and convenient. Depending on the nature of work at hand, you can tilt it either backward or forward. Again, all our engine levelers come with four 10 inch load chains and hooks

Engine Leveler

The engine  leveler is used with engine crane or engine hoist .while you need to lift out the engine from the engine room .the engine leveler should be balance the engine by the  rotating the crank handle .also the engine should hung up by four chain hook .then it maks handling engine and instrall easier .

With Leveling Screw-Rotating Cranking Handle
Four 10inch Chain With Hook -Easy Engine Positioning

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Passca: Engine Leveler

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