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  • Rotating the handle to balance
  • Made from heavy duty steel
  • Four 10inch chains with hooks
  • Tilts forward and backward for easy engine alignment
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Passca Engine Leveler

Whether you want to install, remove or stabilize heavy loads, Passca engine leveler is a perfect solution for this task.

Our engine levelers are available in a wide range of load capacities such as 750 lbs., 1250 lbs. 1500 lbs. or 2000 lbs. Every Passca engine lever is designed to fit most workshop cranes, cherry pickers or engine hoists engine crane It is one of the versatile and adaptable products available in the industry. For enhanced strength and durability, all engine levelers are manufactured from heavy duty steel.

Thus, they can support almost any engine . Also, the crank handle is designed to allow for fast and easy balancing the engine. This makes operations simple and convenient. Depending on the nature of work at hand, you can tilt it either backward or forward. Again, all our engine levelers come with four 10 inch load chains and hooks

Engine Leveler

The engine  leveler is used with engine crane or engine hoist .while you need to lift out the engine from the engine room .the engine leveler should be balance the engine by the  rotating the crank handle .also the engine should hung up by four chain hook .then it maks handling engine and instrall easier .

With Leveling Screw-Rotating Cranking Handle
Four 10inch Chain With Hook -Easy Engine Positioning

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Everything we offer here at PASSCA has been carefully chosen to meet the needs of our clients, tested to meet CE and ASME standards, and manufactured under close watch by a team of experts in both design and engineering. 

To go with our other engine lifting equipment, we have designed engine levelers to balance the weight of your expensive and burdensome engines, as you move them around the garage. 

Engine Levelers: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you will learn about what engine levelers are, how to use one, and which one is best for your task at hand. 

Any professional automotive shop should have a variety of engine or load levelers on hand, to deal with a variety of situations and unique loads, so this FAQ is merely a starting point. 

We add to this guide all the time, so please, send us your questions

What Is an Engine Leveler?

An engine leveler, also known sometimes as a load leveler, is an attachment for an engine crane or other hoisting system that allows for smoother and safer movement and manipulation of a hoisted engine. 

Typically, to remove an engine from the body of a vehicle, you will need an engine crane to handle it, due to the size and weight of most engines; however, simply hooking the crane to the engine somewhere, without using a crane load leveler, is a recipe for disaster. 

To minimize swinging motions or an unstable hoist, an engine load leveler is used to balance out the weight distribution of the load you are moving, whether it is vertically or horizontally. 

engine leveler 4000lbs

What Are the Benefits of Using an Engine Leveler?

An engine lift leveler is needed to balance out the weight distribution of a hoisted engine, but they can also be helpful for many other types of heavy vehicle parts and large loads that need to be safely transported around a garage space.  

Though it is commonly referred to as an engine lift load leveler, these devices can balance out and stabilize a variety of things such as attachments for heavy machinery and farm equipment or dense containers of supplies. 

The simple hand crank on PASSCA engine levelers allows the weight distribution to be adjusted to as large or small of a degree as you need, and the reliable construction and low-tech design means you do not have to be gentle. 

What Specifications of Engine Leveler Does PASSCA Offer?

There are currently four models of engine leveler in the PASSCA catalog, with a gradually increasing weight capacity that is made possible through increasingly thick chains and sturdier construction. 

The lightest model we have is a 500 kg load leveler, which works great for a variety of small engines and transmissions. 

There are also two models of engine leveler with a 680 kg capacity. These are ideal for most engine lifts, and they differ in their method of attaching to your engine; one has hooks and the other should be bolted into place. 

PASSCA’s 2 ton engine leveler has a 2000 kg weight capacity, which is the strongest engine leveler we offer; this will be more than enough for most engines but can also be used while lifting or moving other heavy objects and car parts as a 2 ton load leveler.

What is a Load Leveler?

A load leveler is another name for an engine leveler, but some models may have attachment methods or features that better suit a variety of diverse loads. 

Engine levelers are designed with dense loads in mind, that are the rough size of an engine; larger objects may need a different load leveler. 

Where Do You Mount an Engine Leveler? 

An engine leveler hooks directly onto a hoisting device like an engine crane or engine hoist; both pieces of equipment are designed with this in mind so you do not need to stress about how to use the engine leveler. 

How Do You Attach an Engine to an Engine Stand? 

Where to attach the engine leveler chains is dependant on your specific engine model, but it is usually a universal process. 

To attach an engine to the leveler, you will want to bolt or hook the load leveler chains right onto the engine, on four corners or furthest points from the center. 

Spreading out the contact points will allow your load leveler engine hoist to carefully balance the weight and distribute it evenly, across all four engine leveler chains.  

What Is the Purpose of a Load Leveler? 

An engine crane leveler ensures that your load is balanced, because an engine crane still has a small risk of tipping over if you are not carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions and paying attention to the physics behind it. 

How Do You Lift an Engine With a Chain?

Lifting an engine with a chain is the standard way to do it, but you should be careful to not invent a new technique on your own; there is a reason that engine levelers have four distinct chains to hoist the engine with. 

Using only one contact point and one chain, you put the engine and yourself at risk of a swinging weight, uneven distribution, or a collapse and fall of the engine or crane. 

How Do I Choose the Best Engine Leveler for a Professional Auto Shop?  

The best load leveler is the one that fits on your engine and has a simple attachment to the engine crane in your garage. 

By pairing a PASSCA engine crane with a PASSCA engine leveler, you can confidently combine them for a total hoisting solution. 

Our customer support team is always happy to assist with finding the best solution for a specific task or outfitting a full automotive garage with new and upgraded equipment. 

With the knowledge in this FAQ Guide, you are sure to find the best engine leveler for your needs. 

Contact PASSCA Tools now for all your automotive equipment needs. 


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