Reliable Electric Shop Press Manufacturer in China

  • Hydraulic Press Operated with electric motor
  • Winch for easy table height adjustment
  • Solid steel construction
  • Sliding head
  • Easy read pressure gauge
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Passca Certification
Passca Electric Shop Press

The Passca electric shop press is designed for precise and “delicate” operations. They are available in 75 tons, 100 tons to more than 150 tons.

Our electric shop press is a perfect substitute in an event that the work at hand requires a high load capacity.

Every Passca electric shop press has a heavy-duty steel frame (“H-frame”).

Its hydraulic power systems use 110 volts to deliver more than 75 tons of load capacity. Unlike the manual shop presses, with our electric shop press, you can achieve a controlled power to do delicate work. The pressing action is “smooth” and precise.

All our electric shop presses are welded for maximum strength that can support the load capacity delivered. Also, the piston ram can also be moved either to the left or right, making it flexible. Like most Passca shop presses, it has a pressure gauge to determine the accurate value of pressure during the operation.

For a fact, Passca electric shop press combines accuracy, high load capacity, and efficiency.

Electric Shop Press

The electric shop press is electric over shop press which equipped a power electric motor .you can work very fast with this shop press.

Passca electric shop press is a great tool used to remove and install bearings, gears, bushings, and ball joints etc in the workshops.

Electric over hydraulic shop press features movable ram, can move the cylinder right to left, and it also fitted with a big gauge, you can read the working pressure .

all passca electric over hydraulic shop press have adjustable working table, it can raise and low by a winch.

All press have thick steel frame and make more stable.

Powered with Electric Motor-Heady Duty Steel Construction
The Table Can be Raised Or Lowed By Winch-Extra Safety Shield
ModelCapacity(tons)Stroke(mm)Width(mm)Working Range(mm)
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Passca: Electric Shop Press

The Electric Shop press is operated by motor

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