Reliable Low Lift Transmission Jack Manufacturer in China

  • Wide  head with adjustable knob can support all transmissions
  • Durable frame is constructed of high-grade steel and built to exceed ASME quality standard
  • Low profile design with 4 heavy-duty steel swivel casters for easy positioning and effortless maneuvering throughout the shop
  • Included safety chains make it easy to secure the transmission to the jack
  • 360 degree swivel pumping handle making you can lifting at any angle
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Passca Certification
Passca Low Lift Transmission Jack

Passca low lift transmission jacks feature a rugged and sturdy construction design. Our transmission jacks are constructed from heavy-duty steel, thus, they can handle heavy transmissions. All our low lift transmission jacks are a perfect choice for vehicles or trucks with low clearance. Also, we design every low lift transmission jack with heavy-duty use in mind. Every Passca low transmission jack comes with a flexible mounting plate. Depending on the position of the load, you can tilt it either forward, backward, or sideways. Also, our low lift transmission jacks handle is designed to rotate 360 degrees. Even with restricting working spaces, the Passca jack pump allows for easy operation. It is also fitted with a fast-acting hydraulic system, therefore the jack arms raise the lifting arms quickly. For inquiries about our low lift transmission jacks, contact our technical staff.

Low Lift Transmission Jack

The transmission jack is an ideal tool while you need change and repair the transmission at your workshop .passca offers this low lift transmission with different capacities,0.5Ton,1Ton.1.5Ton,2Ton .also with low profile design .as leading low lift transmission jack manufacturers, you can trust our quality as it’s constructed with  heavy-duty steel frame, you can easy positioning and move this transmission jack as it fitted with 4 swivel castors  .passca transmission jack also have an adjustable knob which adjusts the wide head.while you need secure the transmissions, you can use two safety chains .if you have any other questions, please contact passca

Minimum Height:175mm-Maximum Height:550mm
Minimum Height:175mm-Maximum Height:670mm
Minimum Height:185mm-Maximum Height:840mm
Minimum Height:210mm-Maximum Height:950mm
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Passca: Low Lift Transmission Jack

Transmission jack with a low profile design, is used to remove the transmission while it needs to change or repair

with this low lift transmission jack, you can install the transmission, with heavy-duty construction and thick steel frame .this jack can be used for many years, and very durable and sturdy .with the safety chain, the transmission can be put on the wide saddle can adjust the head forward, backward and sideward by the knob, it’s really a good feature while you install the transmission in a tight workshop .and you also can maneuver the transmission easily as our jack has 4 swivel castors

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