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Tyre Changer – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This is a complete and ultimate guide to know all about the tyre changer.

It includes all the necessary details about the tyre changer such as its working, usage, installation, maintenance and others.

Therefore, before deciding anything related to tyre changer, go through this complete guide.

1. What is a Tyre Changer?

As the name suggests, a tyre changer is a machine that mounts and dismounts the tyre from a wheel.

The tyre changer can replace the old tyre with a new one on a wheel easily.

Tyre changers help technicians replace tyres from motorcycles, automobiles, and even heavy-duty trucks.

Figure 1 – Tyre Changer

2. What are the Applications of Tyre Changer?

You can use a tyre changer in various applications.

It all depends upon how you use a tyre changer machine.

The primary application of a tyre change is to change the tyres of motorcycles, heavy duty vehicles, and others.

Mounting and dismounting semi automatic and fully automatic inflation machines is also an application of tyre changer.

However, you can request for customizations in your tyre changer machine for better adoptability and usage.

3. What are the Components of a Tyre Changer?

Tyre changer can vary from structure to structure.

However, a standard tyre changer usually has the following components.

  • Foot Pedals:

Usually, 2 foot pedals are installed on a tyre changer.

The left pedal opens and closes the rim clamps whereas the right pedal controls the rotation of the tabletop.

  • Mount/Demount Mechanism:

Duckhead, vertical slide, and swingarm are used for mounting and demounting mechanism.

Duckhead is responsible for mounting and demounting the tyre from the wheel.

The swing arm controls the movement of the duckhead with respect to the rim.

The fitting of duckhead onto the rims is made possible through vertical slide.

  • Air Pressure System:

When wheels are mounted, this air pressure system helps the air to inflate tyres.

  • Table Top and Rim Clamps:

The purpose of table top and rim clamps is to rotate and hold the tyre while its being mounted or dismounted.

  • Bead Loosening System:

This system releases the beads of the tyre from the rims to remove the tyres from the wheel properly.

Figure 3: Tyre Changer Components

4. What are the Best Tyre Changer Accessories?

There could be different accessories for a tyre changer machine depending upon its structure and requirements.

Some of the best tyre changer accessories which could be found in almost every tyre changer machine are as follows:

  • Air gauges
  • Air chucks/Hoses assemblies
  • Mount/demount heads or protectors
  • Combo/bead lift tool
  • Cylinder seals and kits
  • Lube buckets and swabs
  • Air valves
  • Rim clamp jaw and accessories
  • Motor switches and valves
  • Rubber and nylon pads
  • Tire spreaders and valves
  • Miscellanous accessories

Morevoer, you can get in touch with the manufacturer for your required tyre changer accessories.

Figure 4: Tyre Changer Accessories

5. How Does a Tyre Changer Work?

A tyre change works in a simple and convenient way.

The working of a standard tyre changer is as follows:

  • The wheel is centered and fastened on the table top by using the rim-clamp mechanism.
  • After that, the bottom bead is pushed by a technician or operator.
  • The top bead of the wheel is pushed towards the center well and table top is rotated.
  • A valve core is installed by the technician or operator.
  • The tyre inflation continues until the beads are popped with respect to the bead ledge.
  • Finally, the rim clamps are released and the tire is inflated as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

6. What are the Advantages of a Tyre Changer?

There are numerous advantages of using a tyre changer.

Some of the most important advantages are as follows:

  • Tyre changer makes the entire tyre changing process automatic.
  • The process of replacing the tyre becomes easier and fast.
  • The probability of damages and scratches to the wheel or the tyre itself reduces to minimum.
  • Tyre changer machine works professionally and perfectly everytime it is used.
  • You can use it to change tyres of different types of vehicles.
  • It is easier to maintain tyre changer machine than other manual tyre changing tools.

7. What are the Types of Tyre Changer?

There are different types of a tyre changer machine depending upon user requirements.

The most common types of a tyre changer machine are as follows:

  • Tyre Changer for Motorcycle:

These types of tyre changers are used to change the tyres of a motor bike.

These are definitely less complicated than the heavy duty tyre changers.

This is because motorcycle tyre changer has to deal with lighter and smaller tyres and wheels.

Just a bead loosening system and manual rim clamps system mainly comes with them.

10 inches is the smaller dimeter that a motorcycle wheel changer can accommodate.

Wheels with the width of 1.5 inches can also be changed using it.

Tiny atv tyres and wheels are some other applications of motorcycle tyre changer.

  • Heavy-Duty Tyre Changer:

As the name suggests,heavy-duty tyre changers are used for changing heavier and complex tyre structures.

The maximum working capacity of a standard heavy duty tyre changer is 56 inches of diameter and 43 inches wide.

Heavy vehicles like agricultural, industrial, off-road and constructional use heavy duty tyres and wheels.

Now, more advanced forms of heavy tyre changers are designed.

These type of tyre changers can accommodate tyres with 95 inches of diameter.

They also come with hydraulically operated chunk which has the claming ability of upto 56 inches.

  • Semi and Fully Automatic Mounting and Inflation Machines:

Users with high volumes of tyre changing tasks often use semi or fully automatic tyre changing machines.

These tyre changing machines could of single stationed or multi stationed.

Instead of using the valve stem, the tyre is inflated through air which is of high volume and high pressure.

Surprisingly, the tyre changing machine’s head automatically moves away when inflation process completes.

Figure 7: Types of Tyre Changer

8. What are the Qualities of a Good Tyre Changer?

There are numerous qualities that a good tyre changer should have.

Some of the primary qualities in a reliable tyre changer are as follows:

  • A good tyre changer should be made of high-grade raw materials.
  • There should be proper color coding and guidelines imprinted on most parts of tyre changer.
  • Main components of the tyre changer should be free from any cracks or damages.
  • The manufacturer should have assured the usage of best quality components.

9. What are the Things to Consider before Buying a Tyre Changer?

There are a lot of things you need to take care of when buying a tyre changer machine.

These important considerations are as follows:

  • The breaker’s blade of the tyre changer must be durable. This can be assured by looking at the size and heft of it.
  • Size of the turntable should be considered as the primary parameter to fit your tyre requirements.
  • A tyre changer with an assist arm option is always better than other tyre changers but it is not necessary.
  • A good tyre change often comes with an alloy wheel protection.
  • It is better to look for more advanced and powerful tyre changer than the ordinary one.
  • Lubricators and regulators are the maintenance components and their presence should be preferred.
  • Manufacturers which provides visual training for tyre changer usage should be preferred.
  • You should buy a tyre changer with a good warranty period.
  • It is also advised to always look for a tyre changer with after-sales support from the manufacturer.
  • You should decide whether you want a fully automatic or semi automatic tyre changer machine at the earliest.

In addition to the above mentioned points, always look for a prominent and reliable tyre changer manufacturer.

Figure 9: Things to Consider in a Tyre Changer

10. What is the Price of a Tyre Changer?

The price of tyre changer varies from structures to structures and manufacturers to manufacturers.

However, typical tyre changer machines comes in the price range of around $300 to $500.

You may get a tyre changer with less or greater than the above-mentioned value but its totally up to your requirements.

The more complex your requirements are, the more higher its price will be.

You should also search the market for more competitive and reasonable prices of the tyre change machine.

11. How to Find the Best Manufacturer and Supplier of Tyre Changer Machine?

Finding the best manufacturer and supplier of the tyre changer machine is a challenging task.

However, with proper guidelines, you can get to it pretty easily.

You need to look for the tyre changer manufacturer with experience, shipment history and skills.

Offering of reasonable price, warranty and after-sales support are other factors that you should look for.

Chinese tyre changer manufacturing market is the best in the world.

Passca is one of the top from this market due to its quality-rich tyre changers and reasonable prices.

It comes with decades of professional experience and advanced manufacturing equipment for tyre changer machines.

You can get in touch with your favorite tyre changer manufacturer through their business website.

12. Do You Need to Train Technicians before Using a Tyre Changer Machine?

It is always recommended to train your technicians before using a tyre changer machine.

This is because of the working efficiency that can be greatly increased by training those technicians.

Although the tyre changer machine doesn’t come with complex components, its complete understanding is necessary.

This understanding is only possible through proper training by the tyre changer manufacturer.

You can request your tyre changer manufacturer to train your employees regarding its operations.

Figure 12: Technician Training of Tyre Changer

13. How to Maintain a Tyre Changer Machine?

Maintaing a tyre changer machine is as important as operating it.

This is because it can increase its durability as well as reliability.

Maintaing a tyre changer machine consists of the following steps:

  • Always pay attention to proper lubrication of the components.
  • Analyze the condition of the tyre changer periodically.
  • Look for even small damages and faults because they can lead to serious damages.
  • Use protective gear and accessories while maintaining and operating the tyre changer machine.

Moreover, follow the maintenance guidelines provided by the tyre changer manufacturer.

14. What is the Warranty of the Tyre Changer Machine?

The warranty of tyre changer machine varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

On an average, good tyre changer manufacturers provide a warranty of around one year.

There could be some manufacturers who provide more or less warranty for tyre changers than this duration.

Claiming the warranty for tyre changer machine is also a convenient process.

Figure 14: Warranty of Tyre Changer Machine

15. What is the Delivery Duration of Tyre Changer Machine?

The delivery duration for tyre changer machine varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Your requirements plays a key role in definging the delivery duration for it.

Geographical location is also an important factor which affects the delivery timings.

However, a standard tyre changer machine can reach up to you within 1 to 2 weeks.

If your delivery is by air, or your location is closer to the manufacturer, you will find it sooner than this.

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