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  • Adjustable top clevis clamp
  • High-quality rugged cast iron claw with ratchet design
  • High -strength steel body
  • Powder coating finish for anti-rust
  • Wide base prevents getting stuck into the soft surface
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Passca Farm Jack

Passca farm jack is multi-functional equipment you can use to lift farm machinery. Our farm jacks are designed for pulling posts, lifting tractors, or any other activity that requires lifting a heavy load.

Every farm jack is constructed from heavy-duty steel that can handle heavy load capacity. Normally, the lifting height for all Passca farm jacks ranges between 6 to 48 inches. For flexibility and convenience, the lifting arm can be adjusted to any height when the farm jack is in an upright position.

Also, as one of the farm jack suppliers, we equip every jack with all the necessary accessories. These include nose attachment, winch tensioner, and heavy-duty chains. With Passca farm jack, you can handle any task that requires lifting heavy loads effortlessly.

Farm Jack

Passca farm jack is a versatile tool that can be used to lifting .pulling.pushing and clamping  .it’s ideal for lifting tractors and off-road vehicles .also can be used for removing the posts. poles etc.

Passca is one of the most trustable farm jack suppliers &manufacturers .we have full line 20′,33′, 48′, 60′ inch farm jack.

Minimum Height:130mm-Maximum Height:330mm
Minimum Height:130mm-Maximum Height:645mm
Minimum Height:130mm-Maximum Height:1045mm
Minimum Height:130mm-Maximum Height:1320mm
20inch            3           130          680
33inch            3           130          700
48inch            3          130          1070
60inch            3           130          1350
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PASSCA takes pride in all of its product offerings, and we knew that a piece of equipment as versatile and ubiquitous needed to be designed and manufactured with the utmost care and the highest quality materials we could find. 

All PASSCA farm jacks are made with solid steel and can perform a wide variety of tasks in a professional automotive shop, in your home garage, out on a farm, or miles off-road where AAA is not an option. 

Take your safety into your own hands with a convenient and powerful farm jack from PASSCA. 

Farm Jacks: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This FAQ is your ultimate source on all things farm jack related — from the basics of “what” and “why” all the way to the “how” and “when”. 

By the end of this guide, you will know how to choose the right farm jack for your needs, how to properly and safely operate a farm jack, how to maintain a farm jack’s usefulness over the years, and even how to perform some important farm maintenance using your new piece of equipment.  

We add to this guide all the time – please, send us your questions

What Is a Farm Jack?

A farm jack is a versatile tool that is used for agricultural purposes, car repairs, construction, and a variety of other purposes.  

Farm Jacks can be used in a variety of positions such as horizontally or at an angle and can also be used to separate objects to create distance, to bring two heavy objects together, as a winch, or can be used in tandem with other jacks. 

Most farm jacks are very easy to transport which makes them incredibly popular with farmers and off-road enthusiasts, who may need to make sudden repairs or adjustments out in the field. 

48 inch Farm Jack

 What Are the Features of a Farm Jack?

Multi-Functional: The design of a farm jack allows for such a wide variety of tasks that many tractors and trucks do not travel without one onboard or strapped to the side – if you are looking for a jack that is not limited to lifting a vehicle for servicing, the farm jack is a smart solution for minimizing weight and maximizing your ability to solve problems on the go.  

Portable: The long, thin style of a farm jack is surprisingly light, compared to other stout and hefty portable solutions like a hydraulic bottle jack; these are some of the most portable jack styles and can add a lot of benefits for the operator of any piece of heavy machinery or agricultural tractor. 

Sturdy: The solid steel construction of a farm jack is what makes it such a handy tool around a rough-and-tumble environment like a large-scale agricultural operation or for emergency servicing of roadside or off-road vehicles. 

What Models of Farm Jack Are Popular on the Market?

PASSCA offers farm jacks in 4 different sizes: 20 inches, 33 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches; all farm jacks have the same weight capacity of 3 tons, a minimum lift height of 130 mm, and are made from heavy-duty steel. 

What Are the Best Farm Jack Accessories?

There are many great farm jack accessories and one of the most important are farm jack mounts for jeeps, trucks, or other vehicles; there are a variety of mounting kits so you can choose where in/on your vehicle you want the jack to be placed. 

Another important accessory to have is the farm jack base, which prevents the jack from digging into the dirt during operationessential for outdoor work. 

Other popular farm jack kits include chains, straps, or even a bumper lift to help with quick, convenient car repairs.

There are also repair kits available that include spare parts and lubricants to make sure your farm jack is operating smoothly and will last a long time. 

Farm Jack Accessories

 How to Operate a Farm Jack Manually?

Here is how to lift with your jack: 

  1. Raise the reversing lever to the up position which will allow you to raise the runner to the desired height.  
  2. Once securely placed, begin to push down the lever while holding it firmly with both hands until the climbing pin engages and you hear the audible click.  
  3. With two hands still on the handle, lift the handle back to the up position before repeating the process again.  

If you are using a chain, you will need to attach it through the hole in the runner and the hole in the top clamp clevis.   

Here is how to lower with your jack: 

  1. Move the reversing lever to the down position.  
  2. With both hands, carefully push down the handle until the pin engages and you hear the click before raising the handle to the up position.  
  3. Do this until the object is safely secure, and then you can remove the farm jack.

What Are the Applications of a Farm Jack?

Farm jacks are used for tractors, cars, trucks, and many other vehicles and can help the user with replacing tires or doing other repairs in the workshop or out in the field. 

If your vehicle is stuck while off-roading or in the field, the farm jack can be used as a winch or come-along to help pull your vehicle out.  

The farm jack is also an amazing tool that can pull out any stumps, fence posts, or bushes in a matter of minutes. 

Standard farm jacks can also be used in tandem with other farm jacks to lift sheds, containers, or other large objects, and because farm jacks are offered in a variety of sizes, they are also great for creating distance between two objects or helping clamp them together. 

How to Use a Farm Jack to Remove Stump?

When using a farm jack for stump removal, it is essential to use a farm jack with a tripod, in order to be at a better angle to pull the stump out, and a chain that you can connect through the runner hole—you can connect the tripod stands through the top clamp clevis.   

Here’s how to remove a stump: 

  1. Place the farm jack on a firm base that won’t move around while you are lifting the stump.  
  2. Securely attach the chain to the stump and the runner hole; If it’s difficult to secure the chain around the stump, drill a hole through the stump and place a rod through it before attaching the chain to the rod.   
  3. Operate the farm jack as normal, and the stump will be rooted out.   

If you are using a farm jack to pull a post out of the ground, follow the same steps as above, but make sure to secure the chain around the base of the post.

What Specifications of Farm Jack Are Most Popular on the Market?

The most popular and best farm jacks on the market are usually the 48 inch jacks, but many can only reach a capacity of up to 2 tons; PASSCA offers a model that is at that size and exceeds the weight capacity with all units lifting up to 3 tons. 

Many buyers are also looking for a strong/reliable product that can be used in harsh conditions such as cast iron or steel; all 4 units created by PASSCA are made from heavy-duty steel which is incredibly desired by buyers. 

Unfortunately, there are many cheap models of farm jacks out on the market, and it’s important to find a farm jack that you feel safe working around.

 How Much Weight Can a Farm Jack Lift?

Farm jacks can lift from as low as 2 tons to 3.5 tons, with some heavy-duty farm jacks lifting up to 4 tons depending on the model; All farm jacks offered by PASSCA have a weight lift capacity of up to 3 tons.

How Do You Use an Off-Road Farm Jack?

When using an off-road jack make sure you place the jack under a part of the vehicle that is sturdy such as a bull bar; if the jack is placed under a plastic part of the vehicle, it may cause damage.  

You can also place the sturdy farm jack base accessory under the base plate to prevent the farm jack from digging into the ground. 

If you lift your vehicle from the sides, make sure that the farm jack is stable and that the vehicle will not roll forwards or backward; one way to prevent any rocking is to place blocks in front of and behind the tires that will stay on the ground. 

If your vehicle is stuck, the farm jack can also be used as a winch or come along by tying a strap or chain to your vehicle and a sturdy tree. 

 Are Farm Jacks Dangerous to Use?

Farm Jacks are safe to use when they are handled properly, and there are some things to watch out for when using a farm jack that will prevent injury.  

When operating a farm jack, it’s important to keep both hands on the handle with a firm grip while lowering or raising any heavy object; if the handle manages to slip from your hands before the climbing pin locks into the next adjustment hole, the handle will fly back due to the weight placed on the runner which may cause serious injury.

Always watch the climbing pins and listen for the click that the pin will make when locking into the adjustment hole before beginning to release the handle. 

Also, it is advised to avoid putting any body parts between the handle and the steel standard column to prevent any type of pinching; while lowering or raising the runner it is also important to watch your finger placement to prevent them from getting caught. 

It is also important to ensure that the weight being lifted does not exceed the farm jack’s capacity to prevent damage or injury.

How Strong Does My Farm Jack Need to Be for My Workshop?

All of the farm jacks that can be found in the PASSCA catalog can handle a 3 ton capacity and will have no trouble lifting cars and most tractors; the 3 ton capacity will also have no trouble pulling out fence posts, stumps, or bushes. 

If you have any questions about if the farm jack`s capacity will meet a specific work project you have, please contact a PASSCA customer service representative for more details.

 What Are the Parts of a Farm Jack?

The farm jack is made up of two major pieces, the steel standard column, and the runner; It’s important to notice that the handle that is responsible for lifting and lowering is attached to the runner. 

On the runner/slider is the large runner, which is placed under the object you are lifting or lowering; on the opposite side of the nose is the safety shear bolt and nut that engages if the load exceeds the weight capacity.

In the runner, there are two climbing pins that engage and lock in the adjustment holes found in the steel standard column as it raises or lowers; the reversing latch on the outside of the runner is responsible for directing the climbing pins either up or down, depending on if the latch is in the up or down position. 

At the very bottom of the steel standard column is the base of the farm jack, while on the opposite end is the top clamp clevis; the top clamp clevis can be used to attach chains or straps.


farm jack parts

farm jack parts




 How Can I Choose the Best Farm Jack for a Professional Automotive Shop?

Professional automotive shop workers, who are working on tractors or off-road vehicles, should choose a farm jack that can reach a higher maximum height and use a farm jack that can handle a higher weight capacity.

For smaller tasks, it’s better to use a farm jack that has a lower height limit, is more lightweight, and is easy to maneuver- these are great for tasks that require you to clamp or create a gap in a limited amount of space.

Now, you have all the tools you need to select the best farm jack for your needs and operate a farm jack safely and precisely. 

All the specifications for our farm jacks can be found in the PASSCA Catalog to help you find the best tool for your automotive shop. 

For any help with choosing a jack or outfitting a full auto shop, reach out to a customer support representative from PASSCA tools.  Contact PASSCA Tools now for all your automotive equipment needs.

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