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  • Adjustable top clevis clamp
  • High-quality rugged cast iron claw with ratchet design
  • High -strength steel body
  • Powder coating finish for anti-rust
  • Wide base prevents getting stuck into the soft surface
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Passca Certification
Passca Farm Jack

Passca farm jack is multi-functional equipment you can use to lift farm machinery. Our farm jacks are designed for pulling posts, lifting tractors, or any other activity that requires lifting a heavy load.

Every farm jack is constructed from heavy-duty steel that can handle heavy load capacity. Normally, the lifting height for all Passca farm jacks ranges between 6 to 48 inches. For flexibility and convenience, the lifting arm can be adjusted to any height when the farm jack is in an upright position.

Also, as one of the farm jack suppliers, we equip every jack with all the necessary accessories. These include nose attachment, winch tensioner, and heavy-duty chains. With Passca farm jack, you can handle any task that requires lifting heavy loads effortlessly.

Farm Jack

Passca farm jack is a versatile tool that can be used to lifting .pulling.pushing and clamping  .it’s ideal for lifting tractors and off-road vehicles .also can be used for removing the posts. poles etc. Passca is one of the most trustable farm jack suppliers .we have full line 20′,33′, 48′, 60′ inch farm jack.

Minimum Height:130mm-Maximum Height:330mm
Minimum Height:130mm-Maximum Height:645mm
Minimum Height:130mm-Maximum Height:1045mm
Minimum Height:130mm-Maximum Height:1320mm
20inch            3           130          680
33inch            3           130          700
48inch            3          130          1070
60inch            3           130          1350
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Passca: Farm Jack

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