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  • PVC  to resistant oil and solvent
  • Easy to clean
  • Powder coating finish
  • Six smooth-rolling swivel casters
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Passca Certification
Passca Car Creeper

Passca is one of the leading under a car trolley creeper manufacturer.  Every car creeper is manufactured from steel with a high impact PVC or thick vinyl. They are also equipped with a large tray tool.

All Passca car creepers have wheels, making them easy to maneuver under the car. Also, we use material and paint that is resistant to oil, dirt, or solvents.

They are easy to clean and come in body-fitting designs. We have a wide range of car creeper designs.36′ and 40′ in our range, You can download our complete product catalog. For inquiries, feel free to contact our technical team.

Car Creeper

The car creeper can make you work comfortably while you crawling around your garage floor .it can support more than 300lbs .passca have two categories in this range: one is steel car creeper and another one is PVC car creeper .both has thick padding foam headrest .passca steel car creeper is made by high-grade square tube frame .

smooth rolling caster provides mobility. passca unique Z car creeper combine the car creeper and car seat together, it can be folded by retractable pin .another type PVC creeper is made high-quality plastic .and have 2 side storage trays, you can put small parts there.

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One of the most iconic pieces of equipment in a garage is the car creeper — countless movies and TV shows have a conversation take place where the mechanic slides out from under their current project for emphasis. 

While people outside our industry relate sliding around to being a mechanic or engineer, not everyone is fortunate enough to have one of these in their shop. 

PASSCA’s approach to making an excellent car creeper trolley is the same approach we use for everything: high-quality materials, expert designers and manufacturers, and customer service specialists to get you reclining in exactly the right model for your work style and needs. 

All PASSCA products are CE and ASME certified for safety and solid construction, which is why many auto shops are fully outfitted with our automotive equipment, and car creepers are no exception to meeting our high standards. 

Car Creepers: The Ultimate FAQ

This FAQ is a resource for anyone who is sick of crawling on the ground under their vehicle or sliding around on a piece of cardboard… there is a better way!

For any work underneath a vehicle, from passenger vehicles and trucks to construction or farm equipment, a car creeper can make the work easier and reduce repetitive stress injuries from the mechanics contorting their body in small spaces. 

There are a few main options and concepts to understand before choosing the best car creeper for you, so we have outlined all the distinctions in this guide. 

We can add to this guide or help you directly — please, send us your questions

1. What Is a Car Creeper?

A car creeper also called a mechanical creeper or garage creeper is a mechanic’s best friend when you don’t have a lift to get the car up in the air. 

The low, wheeled frame of a creeper allows you to “creep” safely underneath a vehicle without laying on the ground; they help keep you comfortable and mobile while working in the cramped spaces under your car.

Most car creepers are padded or ergonomically designed to make long stretches of work easier on the mechanic’s body, and some models even let you store tools and accessories onboard the creeper so everything you need is within reach.

2. What Is a Creeper in Automotive?

An automotive creeper is designed for professional use in a small space under a variety of vehicles. 

Access to hard-to-reach places, while a vehicle is simply up on jack stands, can help you work easily and without the need for expensive car lifts or installing a pit in your automotive shop. 

Car creepers are typically used alongside a quality hydraulic floor jack and jack stands to get you the most room to move and work while under the car.

3. What Are the Benefits and Features of a Car Creeper?

Mobility; The mounted caster wheels on a car creeper allow for easy access and swift movement while underneath vehicles — no more laying on the ground or shuffling on concrete.   

Comfort; Car creepers keep you comfortable and clean while working under vehicles, with their ergonomic design keeping you off the ground and out of the grease and grime of the workshop floor.

Durability; A well-made and properly maintained creeper will last for years, as they are made from high-quality steel or rigid, ergonomically-sculpted plastics.

Affordability; Garage creepers are available at all price points and are easily accessible for mechanics on any budget — there is no excuse to not treat your workers right when a creeper is such an easy add-on. 

4. What Different Types of Car Creeper Are Most Popular on the Market?

The most popular types of creepers on the market are the entry-level bed and frame mechanic’s creepers. In professional automotive garages, the more durable styles are common, with sturdy, molded plastic car creepers being a great option — our models come with easy access space for tools or small parts and an ergonomic design. 

Two-in-one car creepers are very popular on the market now, because the convertible design lets the mechanic replace his stool as well, offering more flexible usage. 

5. What Should Be Considered Before Buying a Car Creeper?

Before buying a creeper, you need to consider a few things such as: what’s your budget, how long do you think you’ll need to be under the car, so you need tool storage, and do you need a folding creeper for easy storage or not.

Car creepers can be found at a variety of price points to suit any budget, but you need to strike a balance between your budget and the features you would like. Factor in comfort as well —  basic creepers are made up of a padded bed with caster wheels, while other creepers have a sculpted bed with tool storage.

Foldable car creepers can be stored in a closet or under a workbench, making them solid options for the home mechanic.

6. What Are the Parts of a Car Creeper?

Creepers are simple in design consisting of a frame, a bed, and wheels which have a couple of different options.

The frame provides rigidity to the whole trolley creeper and we choose to make ours from high-quality steel since wooden car creepers are heavy and not as durable — however, some styles are frameless and just have a one-piece plastic bed that acts as a combined frame and bed.

The bed on a creeper can either be made with foam padding or a one-piece molded plastic bed.

Some adjustable car creepers come with a raisable headrest so that you can get closer to the work you’re doing under the car, fully supporting your neck and back.

Finally, the car creeper wheels are what provide you with mobility while on the creeper and they commonly come with six caster wheels which allow you unrestricted movement both side to side and back and forth.

7. How to Maintain a Car Creeper?

Maintenance of a car creeper is easy and can extend the life of your equipment. 

Make sure you wipe down your creeper after use to remove any grime or dirt that has accumulated during your work. Check the bolts that attach the caster wheels to the creeper and make sure they are secure and safe.

Keep an eye on the bearings of the caster wheels as a properly lubed and maintained bearing will provide the best mobility and a smooth rolling experience when working on your trolley creeper.

8. Do I Need a Car Creeper and a Mechanic’s Seat?

The short answer for whether you need a car creeper and a mechanic’s seat is: yes… if you do not plan ahead.

Some mechanic’s creepers are 2-in-1 car creepers that can be adjusted to create a seat and then quickly convert back into a car creeper when it’s time to get back under the vehicle. 

While garage creepers are great for rolling around on your back under a car, they aren’t very helpful when doing detail work or changing out lower body and trim parts. 

The mechanic’s seat is invaluable when you need to work on the lower parts of a car —  bending over for long periods of time can cause injuries or cause you to work slower.

9. How Can I Choose the Best Car Creeper for a Professional Auto Shop? 

When choosing a creeper for a professional auto shop you should consider the types of vehicles you work on the most.

If most of the work is on family sedans go for a lower profile creeper with a sculpted one-piece plastic bed as it’s easier to maintain and clean –this style is also comfortable for long periods of time thanks to a padded headrest.

For occasional use, a simple padded car creeper will do a great job with its padded bed — and the rigid steel frame means it could outlast any vehicles you have now.

If you are working in a smaller workshop where space is a premium, then one of the folding car creepers would be perfect

With the knowledge in this FAQ Guide, you are sure to find the best car creeper for your needs. 

Contact PASSCA Tools now for all your automotive equipment needs.

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