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One of PASSCA’s newest product lines is our tilting car lift, and we are very proud to have perfected this convenient way to lift cars for servicing in a wide variety of situations. 

Every PASSCA product is designed for extensive, professional use and thoroughly tested to meet both CE and ASME standards, making them a long-lasting and safe solution for an automotive repair shop or a comprehensive home garage’s equipment lineup. 

Tilting Car Lift: The Ultimate FAQ

This guide is a look at just what a tilting car lift is, what they can do for you, and how to choose the best options for your garage. 

By the end of this FAQ, you should be able to choose a tilting car lift and use it to quickly and safely perform car repairs without having to install a massive car lift or struggle managing a series of small jacks and jack stands. 

We add to this guide all the time, so please, send us your questions

What Is a Tilting Car Lift? 

A tilting car lift is a piece of automotive equipment that allows work to be done to a vehicle without the need to lift it on a full-sized gantry or scissor car lift. 

A tilting scissor car lift like the ones PASSCA offers have a simple yet perfected construction that allows them to take up minimal space when not in use, letting you use them as a mobile tilting car lift or a tilting portable car lift, in any situation you may need to perform servicing. 

Lifting a car provides many advantages over simply using a floor jack and jack stands to allow someone access to the underside; a full or tilt lift gives much easier access while also providing a safer working environment. 

PASSCA tilting car lift feature solid, all steel construction and a quick operation, to reliably lift your vehicles without the hassle of a floor jack or large lifting equipment. 

Not only are tilting car lifts excellent for servicing a vehicle, but many car dealerships or professional body shops use them to show off their new models or examples of past work; a nice car tilted up in front of an automotive shop could bring in new customers.

tilting car lift 1500kg

 What Are the Features of a Tilting Car Lift?

There are many benefits to using a tilting car lift, which all factored into the design by our engineering team, to give each customer the most functionality and ease of use for this powerful piece of equipment.

Portable ; Thanks to the relatively lightweight and compact design of a tilting car lift, you can easily transport them to new job sites or showcases, or they are simply tucked away when not in use to save you valuable space in a home garage. And because an electric drill is the power source for the lifting, you don’t need to worry about running extension cords or bringing an air compressor with you. 

Speed ; It takes less than a minute for our tilting car lifts to reach their full height, saving you plenty of time wrangling a floor jack and jack stands around different lifting points. The tilting car lifts fit underneath a vehicle quickly and do not require any fancy adaptors to work manually or with a hand drill. 

Safety ; The solid steel that PASSCA uses for our products is tested and applied extensively; no corners are cut and each lift is thoroughly tested before it reaches your garage. 

Adaptable: Inside or outside use, with no permanent installation, our adjustable tilting car lifts can be set up on a driveway or in a tall home garage for a quick work setup, or you can use our heavy duty models in a professional auto shop to handle all kinds of tasks.

What Specifications of Tilting Car Lift Does  Have ?

PASSCA currently makes seven models of tilting car lifts, with two models of each weight capacity: 1500 kg tilting car lifts, 2000 kg tilting car lifts, and 3000 kg tilting car lifts. 

Each weight class has a standard and a deluxe adjustable model that gives you more versatility in your lifts. 

Our final model is a mini tilting car lift that is extra portable and works wonders for small vehicles and fits home garages.

What Is the Best Car Lift For a Home Garage?

While a four post car lift, gantry design, or scissor lift can provide more access to the underside of a vehicle, many of them are exceedingly expensive and require a complex installation that can often require full remodelling of your garage such as ripping up the concrete, even if your ceilings are high enough to accommodate them. 

A tilting car lift makes servicing a vehicle in your home garage much easier and for a severely reduced cost. 

Even if you do not have the space inside your home’s garage to safely use a tilting car lift, many procedures can be performed on the vehicle as you lift it outside on a driveway or other firm, level surface. 

Can You Tilt a Car and Is It Safe?

Vehicles must pass a “tilt test” as a part of the approval process to be permitted on the road, so tilting a vehicle should theoretically be safe to a certain degree. 

Understanding your vehicle’s specific conditions is important to performing and maintaining a safe tilt; any additional parts like a lift kit, roof rack, or other aftermarket car parts should be factored in when determining if you should lift a vehicle. 

SUVs and Jeeps with a high center of gravity and tall construction are the most likely to completely tip over, so they may not be as suited for a tilting car lift used at its full height. 

Use common sense and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for both your vehicle and lift system.

How Can I Choose the Best Tilting Car Lift for Sale for Professional Use?

The best tilting car lift for an individual is largely dependent on the weight and ground clearance of their personal vehicle, as well as the available space in their home garage. 

For a professional automotive repair shop, a tilting car lift is a sleek and swift solution for lifting an assortment of vehicles. 

A large-scale garage likely has bays built-in, with car lifts or underground service spaces, though a tilting car lift is an excellent addition to even the most professional setup. 

Because of the portable nature of a tilting car lift, they can be used to make house calls or offer roadside assistance, beyond what most services can offer and with much less manual labor on the part of the technician. 

To meet the needs of a large variety of vehicles, we recommend the PASSCA 3000 kg adjustable tilting car lift. 

Is a Tilting Car Lift Any Good for a Home Garage?

Because they are such an emerging product in the modern automotive equipment scene, a tilting car lift review is rare from the perspective of a home garage owner. 

We say, resolutely, that yes, tilting car lifts can be an excellent addition to a home garage, provided it has the space to accommodate it. 

With the knowledge in this FAQ Guide, you are sure to find the best tilting car lift for your needs. 

Contact PASSCA Tools now for all your automotive equipment needs. 


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