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  • Powder coating finish makes more durable and anti-rust
  • Made from high-quality gauge steel
  • 360° swiveling head is combined with a long rubber grip handle for rotating the engine
  • smooth-rolling steel casters for easy mobility
  • Foldable design for easy storage
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Passca Engine Stand

Passca heavy-duty engine stands are a perfect choice for anyone who works in the automotive industry.

We have designed every engine stand to simplify any overhauls. It holds and supports your engines to the desired height for easy access. Whether you need a folding or rotating engine stands, you will get a sturdy and rugged stand to help you do the engine repair job conveniently. The design prevents tipping.

As one of the reputable engine stand manufacturers, we have invested in innovative solutions to ensure all our stands conform to CE, ASME, quality standards.

Every Passca engine stand has four adjustable arms. It also has 360 degrees swivel head. This allows for easy mounting of the engine block. The base features “I” shape, with a heavy-duty all-steel construction. This makes it stable. Also, the smooth-rolling wheels make maneuverability easier, even when carrying heavy engine blocks. For a fact, all Passca engine stands are designed to meet the demands in the automotive industry.

Engine Stand

Passca offers a complete line of engine stand. the engine stand is used to support the engine while it need repaired .once the engine removed by engine crane or engine hoist, the engine mounted on to the stand.

as a professional engine stand manufacturers .our engine stand is made from a high-quality gauge steel tube, with powder coating finish which makes the engine stand more durable.

also, the passca engine stand has a 360-degree swivel head, which can be rotating the engine

passca engine stand fitted with rolling castors .it makes the stands easy mobility .passca engine stand has a foldable design, it can store in a tight garage workshop  .if you have any question on the engine stand, please contact with us

Strudy Swivel Head Secure The Engine
4 Steel Wheels -2 Can Be 360° Swivel
Powder Coating Finish -Swivel Head with a Long Rubber Grip Handle
Heavy Duty Gauge Steel Tube .Rotating Head

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PASSCA makes and offers a number of engine stands that can help both professional auto repair technicians and home garage DIYers move, store, or work on their engines. 

All of our engine stands are built to last, with high grade materials and thorough safety testing to give each mechanic the peace of mind that their engine is properly held and their engine stand will last for the years to come. 

All PASSCA products are CE and ASME certified for safety and solid construction, which is why many auto shops are fully outfitted with our automotive equipment.  

Engine Stands: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This FAQ is a close look at just our engine stand options, but you will likely also need an engine crane and engine levelers to properly remove and lift any decent-sized engine. 

By the end of this FAQ guide, you should be able to choose the best engine stand for your engine or auto shop, and you will have a basic understanding of the operation and uses of an engine stand as a complement to other automotive equipment. 

We add to this guide all the time, so please, send us your questions

What Is an Engine Stand?

An engine stand is designed to hold an engine and keep it stable while performing maintenance on it. 

A sturdy structure and even distribution of weight is the key to a well-made engine stand, and PASSCA prides itself on having tested all of our engine stands in various circumstances. 

Our engine stands feature thick gauge steel and powder coating so they are durable and long-lasting, even in a professional high-use environment. 

A good engine stand will also have smooth-rolling steel casters for moving the engine around the garage and a 360-degree swiveling head to make accessing different areas on the engine a quick and easy turn away. 

Engine Stand

What Are the Benefits of Using an Engine Stand?

If you need to work on parts of an engine that are inaccessible while it is installed, then you absolutely need an engine stand. 

Rebuilding or restoring an engine completely is made much easier by using an engine stand in your garage. 

Not only will an engine stand allow more access to an engine’s components, but you can even run the engine on the stand before reinstallation; this saves a lot of time and hassle. 

Many engine stands also feature a foldable design, to save room when not in use or for transportation to other job sites. 

What Specifications of Engine Stand Does PASSCA Offer?

PASSCA currently produces five different levels of engine stand; from a handy 750 lb engine stand up to our heavy duty engine stand with a 2000 lb weight capacity.  

All of our engine stands can be made more compact for storage by folding them, and they all have a sturdy, solid steel construction. 

So whether you are lifting a compact inline or a massive V8, PASSCA has an engine stand that can make your project easier. 

What Is an Engine Stand Used For?

An engine stand is necessary for securely holding an engine in a way that is both easy to maneuver and safe for the person working on it. 

PASSCA engine stands can rotate a full 360 degrees to allow access to any part of the engine that needs to be rebuilt or repaired. 

Because engine stands are reliable and not very expensive, many professional auto shops also use them to showcase previously rebuilt engines as a way to market their services and let customers see how complicated things are under the hood. 

engine stand

What Other Equipment Is Used With an Engine Stand?

Depending on the weight of the engine you are trying to pull out of a vehicle to mount on the engine stand, you may need some other equipment to safely lift it. 

We also offer a range of complementary equipment that can be used to safely hoist, balance, and manipulate an engine or other engine components. 

For lifting an engine out of a car, you will need an engine crane to hoist it, using a leveler to balance the weight carefully as you move the engine onto your engine stand. 

What Is the Best Engine Stand?

If you are searching for a compact yet reliable engine stand, the best choice would be to find a folding engine stand that can handle the weight of the engine you wish to work on. 

All of PASSCA’s engine stands feature a design that can be folded or simply laid flat to make it easier to store when you are not working on an engine. 

For more stability, choose an engine stand with an “I-shaped” base, which provides a wider base under the engine and makes it easier to run tests or perform intense tasks without the risk of tipping the stand over. 

What Size Engine Stand Do I Need?

The size of engine stand you need is exclusively linked to the weight of the engine you are going to be working on; all of the engine stands have a set working height at a reasonable height, to make sure it is stable and easy to use. 

It is rare to see an engine stand with a crank for adjusting the height since that would require a significant expense and undermine the integrity of the stand’s ability to hold a heavy weight. 

The engine stand bolts should work with any major engine, to secure it firmly to the stand for servicing, so matching the mount to your engine should not be a problem. 

Can You Start an Engine on an Engine Stand?  

Yes, you can run an engine on an engine stand, and in fact, it is a great way to test for leaks or other problems before you reinstall the engine into a vehicle. 

For an easy run engine stand, you will want to make sure that the engine stand you have is secure and is over a drip pan or tarp so any leaking fluids are caught before you have a messy cleanup process. 

An engine run stand or engine test stand is the same thing as a standard, sturdy engine stand, so you do not need to necessarily purchase a model that is marketed as being for testing; this is usually a way to upcharge a customer for a basic piece of equipment. 

All PASSCA engine stands can be used to safely perform an engine test by running the engine on the stand. 

How Do I Choose an Engine Stand? 

While a car engine stand is only chosen based on the weight of the engine, there are many other types of engines that need to be rebuilt or maintained in a professional automotive garage. 

For small bike and motorcycle engines, a specialized motorcycle engine stand may be a better choice, although one of our motorcycle lifts should give you easy access to most external engines on standard motorcycles. 

For commercial truck engines or farm equipment engines, a larger, diesel engine stand might be needed to support the full weight of a hefty piece of equipment. 

If you are going to service a boat engine, a specialized outboard engine stand would be an option, although with some creativity a standard engine stand could suffice. 

In any case, a rotating engine stand will make accessing each component much easier, which is why PASSCA designed all of our engine stands to rotate completely. 

How Does an Engine Stand Work? 

To attach an engine onto your engine stand, you will first need to safely remove it from the vehicle, using an engine crane and remove the transmission while the engine is on the ground or beforehand with the aid of a transmission jack

Using an engine stand drip pan can catch any leaking fluids or drips during the removal of each component, such as the transmission which will need to be drained. 

Hoist the engine back up using your crane, and line it up with the bolts on the engine stand; the engine stand bolts will need to go into the engine block at least one inch to properly secure it. 

The bolts will attach to the space where the transmission was, and you can carefully lower the engine into place using your hydraulic crane as you adjust the balance of the engine by rotating the flywheel lever on the back. 

Only disconnect your hoist after you are 100% sure that your engine is safely and securely fastened to the engine stand. 

How Do You Fit an Engine to an Engine Stand? 

The standard bolt arrangement of an engine stand fits onto the portion of the engine block where the transmission once was, which allows stands to easily connect with a wide variety of engines. 

You may want to change out the bolts on the stand if your engine has a nonstandard bolt hole size, but you can find suitable bolts at any hardware store. 

How Do I Choose the Best Engine Stand for Sale for Professional Use? 

To choose the best heavy-duty engine stand for your professional uses, look no further than PASSCA’s tried and true equipment options. 

Our heavy duty rotating engine stands are all suited for professional, routine use and can last through years of helping you complete engine maintenance smoothly and safely. 

With the knowledge in this FAQ Guide, you are sure to find the best engine stand for your needs. 

Contact PASSCA Tools now for all your automotive equipment needs. 


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