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  • Air Bag Jacks with 2Ton&3Ton&5Ton
  • Operated by compressed air
  • Internal telescopic metal cylinder
  • Large plate base for added stability
  • Safety valve  prevent over-inflation
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Passca Air Jack

Passca is one of the best air bag jack manufacturers&suppliers in China.

Passca air jacks can be widely used in cars. small vans or SUVs .it lift fast by compressed air ,very simple to use with a button for the lift and lower.

Large plate base for added stability With 2 portable handles .Easy to carry and transport.

The unique feature of passca air jack is with an internal telescopic metal cylinder. the telescopic cylinder was made by CNC, then make sure it’s more safe and durable. also it can lift a car in seconds and can lower step by step smoothly.

PASSCA air jack includes a double bag air jack and a triple bag air jack.we have various capacity 3ton and 5ton for selection



Air Jack

This Air Bag Jack Operated by compressed air ,it can lifting cars in 5 seconds ,with heavy duty steel construction,you can trust the quality.

Passca is one of the leading air jack manufacturers and suppliers
Our jacks meet or exceed the ANSI and CE quality standards and they are available in 2 ton,  3 tons and 5Ton

 Most of Passca air bag jack has a minimum height of about 6 inches with a maximum height of 16 inches.
Every air jack has a compact design, making them durable and adaptable for any lifting application.

You can lift loads within a short period of time and effortlessly.
All Passca air jacks have an internal stabilizing cylinder.

This ensures all our air jacks remain stable when subjected to heavy load. To prevent chances of uncontrolled deflation or over-inflation, every Passca air jack has a dual safety valve.

Portable Handle for Easy Carry -Lifting Range:115-280mm
Easy to use-Lifting height:115-280mm
Operated With Compressed Air-Rubber Saddle to Prevent the Car Damage
Fasting Lifting In Seconds-Heavy Duty Construction
Lifting Range:140-400mm
Minimum Height:140mm-Maximum Height:400mm
Minimum Height:140mm-Maximum Height:400mm
Minimum Height:140mm ,Maximum Height:400mm -With Foldable Handle
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PASSCA has worked hard to design and produce high-quality equipment for automotive repair shops and home garages, and our air jacks are no different. 

Air jacks from PASSCA are an innovative solution for lifting vehicles like cars, trucks, or vans, and other heavy machinery and farm equipment. 

Even the sturdiest and powerful car jacks typically require the operator to apply some physical labor cranking or pumping the vehicle into place; air jacks circumvent that

effort by using compressed air as a power source. 

Air  Jacks: The Ultimate FAQ Guide 

This FAQ guide serves as both an introduction to air jacks and their operation, allowing you to confidently add one to your garage’s stable of professional-grade automotive equipment. 

After reading this guide, you will be able to understand the situations where an air jack used with car lift will be the best option, and you can select the right model of air jack for your needs. 

We add to this guide all the time – please, send us your questions

What Is an Air Jack and What Makes it Special?

Most car jacks can lift heavy weights with relative ease, but most of them still require their operator to use their own muscle to power the hydraulic or pneumatic system. 

Air jacks take away this problem and reduce the amount of work needed by professional vehicle maintenance workers, by using compressed air to power the jack’s lifting capacity. 

An inflatable air jack has a heavy-duty rubber air bladder or bag that fills with compressed air to expand and raise the jack’s saddle. 

Different air jacks have different amounts of air bags, which changes their strength and height requirements — PASSCA offers both models with two air bags and heavy duty air bag jacks with three rubber air bags. 

3Ton Air Jack

What Are the Benefits of Using an Air Jack?

REDUCED IMPACT; The large surface area and flexible construction of the rubber air jack bag mean that the impact against your vehicle will be over a large surface area and much softer. 

SPEED; Air jacks are some of the fastest jacks available, due to the air compressor that supplies the lifting power. 

EASY; Inflatable air jacks are easy to use, easy to maintain, and most importantly, easy on the operator’s muscles by not having a manual pump. 

PORTABLE; A small air bag jack is a great option for onboard jacking; many trucks carry a portable air jack.

What Specifications of Air Jack are Most Popular on the Market?

The most popular style of air jack is the heavy duty air jack with a long handle for the operator to roll it into place quickly and make easy adjustments. 

The long-handled three bag air jacks can lift to such great heights and the air supply connects right to the handle so the air hose is kept out of the way. 

There are also low profile air bag jacks that do not have a handle, which are extremely useful as portable jacks for accident sites or roadside assistance. 

There are currently different models of air jack manufactured by PASSCA, which all have a 2ton 3ton and 5ton weight capacity but come in different styles and bag amounts. 

What is an Air Jack Used For?

An air jack lift excels in the fastest lifts, thanks to the power of an air compressor rapidly filling the air bladders. 

A high-capacity air jack for trucks can streamline the servicing of professional vehicles, by reducing the time and effort it takes to lift them up for repairs.  

The smaller models work well as a portable air jack for cars, and can even be modified to use the compressed air from a brake line if you expect to be frequently stuck or in need of repairs on uneven terrain. 

Air jacks are also used for offroading in some scenarios, because the wide base lets them rest easily on soft surfaces, compared to the wheels of a trolley jack or small surface area of a hydraulic air bottle jack. 

2Ton Air Bag Jack

What Other Equipment is Used With an Air Bag Jack?

To operate an air jack, you will need an air compressor to fill the air bladders and extend the jack, but the brake line air supply for a large vehicle may also be used. 

After getting an air compressor, to complete your air jack kit you will need some jack stands — it is incredibly unsafe to work on a lifted vehicle without securing it on jack stands. 

Are Air Jacks Expensive?

Air jacks are surprisingly affordable when compared to their relative benefits!

Because there are more specialized parts in an air jack, they are typically more expensive than some of the basic options like a floor jack or trolley jack. 

However, the saved time and reduced risk of injury to the jack operators make air jacks one of the best options for a garage with a high volume of lifting needs. 

The flexible, wide surface of the jack saddle also reduces the risk of damage or bending on the vehicle being lifted, which reduces overall costs. 

How Can I Choose the Best Air Bag Jack for Sale for Professional Use?

Choosing the best air jack for sale for your automotive business or home garage comes down to the type of lifts you will need to perform. 

For a garage, an air jack with a long handle will be much easier to maneuver and use in quick succession. 

For a portable lifting solution or an air jack that can fit into limited space, one of the options without a handle will serve you better. 

Make sure you check the minimum ground clearance of the vehicles you are hoping to lift, the air bags on top of this style of jack mean that they are usually taller than some low-profile models. 

With the knowledge in this FAQ Guide, you are sure to find the best air jack for your needs. 

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