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Passca High Lift Transmission Jack

Passca high lift transmission jacks are designed to safely position, support, and remove transmissions.

Every transmission jack has universal saddle tilts, safety chains, and adjustable corner brackets. Every high lift transmission jack is manufactured from the premium steel frame. Thus, our hydraulic system does not rust, allowing for maximum power transmission.

All Passca high lift transmission jacks are easy to control and use. You can use the foot-operated pump, alongside the release pedal to control lowering.

For enhanced stability, Passca designs all high lift transmission jacks with a wide-leg base. Also, the wheels make it easy to maneuver.

Like other Passca jacks, every high lift transmission jack has an overload safety system. This ensures the jacks are not over-pumping.

In short, Passca high lift transmission jacks are powerful, reliable, and safe. For more information about Passca transmission jacks, download our products catalog or contact the technical staff.

High Lift Transmission Jack

High lift transmission jack is also called 2 stage transmission jack.

PASSCA is a reliable high lift transmission jack manufacturers.PASSCA offers extensive transmission jack in the market, you can choose 0.5Ton .1Ton and 1.5Ton different types .also with the high lift transmission jack or pneumatic transmission jack .it can help you to remove and install the transmission, gearbox easy and quickly.

the high lift transmission jack is designed for lifting the transmission while it needed removal and installation.

Mostly it has four swivel casters, so you can move the jack conveniently .also some transmission jack casters can be locked, with this feature, the transmission jack can be more secure.

passca high transmission jack is different from other jacks on the market, we use higher quality and a wider base, it’s more stable. the high lift transmission jack with poot pedal pump, it reaches the lifting point with just a few pumps and keeps your hand free, you can hold it while the position and remove the transmissions or gearboxes .the knob release valve, it has a return spring inside of the knob .it can stop lowering automatically.

Another type of high lift transmission jack is fitted with a foot pedal release valve, with this feature, you can handle the transmissions more easier and precise.

The passca high lift transmission jack all comes with a saddle to hold the transmissions .some of the jack has the adjustable saddle, it tilts right or left, forward or backward, also with 2 safety chains to hold the transmission while it on the saddle

Minimum Height:870mm-Maximum Height:1790mm
Minimum Height:870mm-Maximum Height:1790mm
Minimum Height:870mm-Maximum Height:1790mm
Minimum Height:855mm -Maximum Height:1770mm-With Foot Pedal Release System
Minimum Height:830mm -Maximum Height:1750mm
Minimum Height:870mm-Maximum Height:1790mm -Air Over Hydraulic System -More Efficient
Minimum Height:790mm-Maximum Height:1710mm -Quipped With Air Pump -More Efficient
Minimum Height:1270mm-Maximum Height:2070mm
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Passca: High Lift Transmission Jack

PASSCA is proud to have eight diverse models of high lift transmission jacks available at the moment, all which serve a different niche in the automotive repair field for our many professional customers that service vehicles of all kinds. 

Safety and value are our two prime concerns, which is why our transmission jacks are all built to the highest standard and inspected according to CE and ASME standards.

High Lift Transmission Jacks: The Ultimate FAQ

This FAQ contains all the most useful information about high lift transmission jacks, including the powerful and premium 2-stage transmission jacks. 

By the end of this guide, you will have a better idea about what a transmission jack is used to do, what we mean by “high lift”, and how you can choose the best option for your professional auto shop or home garage. 

If you were looking for more information about our transmission jacks for tighter fits or vehicles on jack stands, our low lift transmission jack FAQ can be found right hereWe add to this guide all the time, so please, send us your questions.

What Is a High Lift Transmission Jack?

A high lift transmission jack is a piece of equipment used to lift, move, or hold heavy engine parts like transmissions while working on a vehicle that is up on a car lift. 

The extreme height limits of this style of jack means that stability and safety features are an absolute must, which is why a dedicated high lift transmission jack is an important tool in many professional auto shops’ lineup.

Because these work closely alongside a car lift, the most important thing to consider is the maximum lift height and whether it is a good fit for the setup in your garage or business.

High Lift Transmission Jack 0.5Ton

What Are the Benefits of a High Lift Transmission Jack?

Transmissions and other engine parts are usually heavy and expensive, asking shop staff to routinely lift them is unreasonable and dangerous. 

A high lift transmission jack makes working with a lifted vehicle much easier, allowing components to be held in place hands-free and securely while the mechanic or technician removes, installs, or services the part.

All of PASSCA’s equipment is designed with professional use in mind, so our high lift transmission jacks are a great solution for lifting engine parts that will hold up over years of steady work.

What Specifications of High Lift Transmission Jack Does PASSCA Offer?

PASSCA is proud to offer eight different models of high lift transmission jacks, which vary a little on weight capacity but offer a wide range of heights. 

Maximum height will be the most important factor for most customers looking to lift engine parts underneath a lifted vehicle; our tallest jack for this is model #80807 which can reach 2075 mm or almost 7 feet high. 

We manufacture a single model of 1 ton high lift transmission jack, which is #80804, and it can lift even truly heavy components into place. 

The barebones model #80801 is a great entry level tall jack, with less features but a decent range of heights. 

While most of our high lift transmission jacks have a foot pump or lever to power the hydraulic lift system, models #80805 and #80806 both have the ability to use compressed air as a power source, making them a true 2-stage transmission jack.

What Is a Transmission Jack Used For?

In a home garage, a transmission jack allows hobbyists to replace parts in their engine alone by using the hydraulic lift power and safety features. 

In the professional setting, workers in an automotive shop routinely use transmissions to replace all manner of heavy engine components in a reliable, quick, and simple manner. 

High lift transmission jacks specialize in servicing vehicles that are raised on a full car lift, since the height of the engine can be a challenge while replacing heavy parts.

What Is a 2 Stage Transmission Jack?

Not a -low lift transmission jack- 

A 2-stage transmission jack is a type of high lift transmission jack that uses two distinct forms of lift power to separate the process into two stages. 

The first stage uses a source of compressed air to power the jack, relieving the operator of the work involved with pumping. 

This first stage is controlled through the valve that lets compressed air in, but the rise is fast so when you need to carefully adjust the height or approach the final position with caution. 

The second stage is manually operated, using a hand lever or foot pedal to add to the hydraulic power of the 2-stage transmission jack; this allows the jack operator to make small adjustments in a way that is still relatively easy to perform

Telescopic Transmission Jack 0.5Ton 1100LBS

How Do You Jack up a Transmission?

Once your transmission is securely fastened into the saddle, using the included chains or straps, you simply power the hydraulics of the jack using whatever power sources are featured in your model. 

Some models use compressed air, some use manual pumping, and the lowest level jack is essentially a tall jack stand, needing people to lift it using their own elbow grease

How High Can a Transmission Jack Go?

The maximum lift height of each model is listed in the official PASSCA catalog; for more information about the specifics of each high lift transmission jack, you should start there. 

Or, if you have questions about any of the specific models, or need to equip a full automotive garage, speak to one of our customer support professionals for a custom package solution.

Do I Need a Transmission Jack?

If you want to replace or remove a transmission located underneath a lifted vehicle, then yes, you will need a high lift transmission jack. 

Some engines require maintenance from the top, which means you should look into engine cranes and engine levelers that can lower pieces into the assembly from above — however, most transmissions are serviced from the underside. 

How Do You Lift a Transmission by Yourself?

Luckily, one of our most popular manual options is a high lift transmission jack with foot pump, which allows the operator to steady the jack while applying more hydraulic power. 

With the right jack, it is simple and easy to lift a transmission by yourself.

How Do I Convert a Floor Jack to a Transmission Jack?

A floor jack can occasionally be used as a transmission jack, but you should only do this using a transmission jack adaptor that is recognized by your floor jack’s manufacturer. 

Because transmission jacks have an extra large jack saddle and other features specifically for safely moving loose, heavy items, a floor jack might not be safe or easy to use.

What Is the Best Type of Transmission Jack?

The best type of transmission jack depends entirely on your garage setup.

For cars on jack stands, look into PASSCA’s low lift transmission jacks.

For lifted vehicles, you will need a very tall option like our high lift transmission jacks.

Our customer support team can help you decide on a specific model, if you have your garage specifications available.

High Lift Transmission Jack 1Ton

How Do I Find the Best High Lift Transmission Jack for Sale for Professional Use?

The best transmission jack for lift will always be the one (or a combination of models) that meets your shop’s specific needs, so analyzing your business is important.

Even high lift transmission jack reviews will not be able to take into account all the specific factors that surround the work performed in your specific garage and day-to-day business.

The high lift transmission jack with the most lifting power is the #80804, thanks to its sturdier, wider base which allows the jack to lift 1000 kg of weight, even to tall heights — it is truly our strongest heavy duty high lift transmission jack.

With the knowledge in this FAQ Guide, you are sure to find the best high lift transmission jack for your needs.

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