Reliable High Lift Transmission Jack Manufacturer in China

  • Tilting head with an adjustable knob
  • Convenient foot pedal pump and release helps to keep your hands free
  • Chromed and Polished piston ram to anti-rust
  • A wide sturdy base provides more stability
  • 4 heavy-duty 360 steel swivel casters provide easy positioning
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Passca High Lift Transmission Jack

Passca high lift transmission jacks are designed to safely position, support, and remove transmissions.

Every transmission jack has universal saddle tilts, safety chains, and adjustable corner brackets. Every high lift transmission jack is manufactured from the premium steel frame. Thus, our hydraulic system does not rust, allowing for maximum power transmission.

All Passca high lift transmission jacks are easy to control and use. You can use the foot-operated pump, alongside the release pedal to control lowering.

For enhanced stability, Passca designs all high lift transmission jacks with a wide-leg base. Also, the wheels make it easy to maneuver.

Like other Passca jacks, every high lift transmission jack has an overload safety system. This ensures the jacks are not over-pumping.

In short, Passca high lift transmission jacks are powerful, reliable, and safe. For more information about Passca transmission jacks, download our products catalog or contact the technical staff.

High Lift Transmission Jack

High lift transmission jack is also called 2 stage transmission jack.

PASSCA is a reliable high lift transmission jack manufacturers.PASSCA offers extensive transmission jack in the market, you can choose 0.5Ton .1Ton and 1.5Ton different types .also with the high lift transmission jack or pneumatic transmission jack .it can help you to remove and install the transmission, gearbox easy and quickly.

the high lift transmission jack is designed for lifting the transmission while it needed removal and installation.

Mostly it has four swivel casters, so you can move the jack conveniently .also some transmission jack casters can be locked, with this feature, the transmission jack can be more secure.

passca high transmission jack is different from other jacks on the market, we use higher quality and a wider base, it’s more stable. the high lift transmission jack with poot pedal pump, it reaches the lifting point with just a few pumps and keeps your hand free, you can hold it while the position and remove the transmissions or gearboxes .the knob release valve, it has a return spring inside of the knob .it can stop lowering automatically.

Another type of high lift transmission jack is fitted with a foot pedal release valve, with this feature, you can handle the transmissions more easier and precise.

The passca high lift transmission jack all comes with a saddle to hold the transmissions .some of the jack has the adjustable saddle, it tilts right or left, forward or backward, also with 2 safety chains to hold the transmission while it on the saddle

Minimum Height:870mm-Maximum Height:1790mm
Minimum Height:870mm-Maximum Height:1790mm
Minimum Height:870mm-Maximum Height:1790mm
Minimum Height:855mm -Maximum Height:1770mm-With Foot Pedal Release System
Minimum Height:830mm -Maximum Height:1750mm
Minimum Height:870mm-Maximum Height:1790mm -Air Over Hydraulic System -More Efficient
Minimum Height:790mm-Maximum Height:1710mm -Quipped With Air Pump -More Efficient
Minimum Height:1270mm-Maximum Height:2070mm
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Passca: High Lift Transmission Jack

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