Reliable Car Wheel Dolly Manufacturer in China

  • Steel frame and powder coating finish for durability
  • Curved surface cradles tire securely
  • Large rolling swivel casters
  • Side handle make dolly easy to carry
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Passca Certification
Passca Car Wheel Dolly

Our car wheel dolly is constructed from heavy-duty and sturdy steel to withstand the weight of the wheel. They are durable and reliable. Every Passca car wheel dolly is designed to handle a specific weight capacity (more than 1500lb.). As an auto wheel dolly manufacturer that understands the needs of customers in this industry, every car wheel dolly is fitted with four wheels and rust finish. Making our car wheel dolly easy to clean, maintain and maneuver. To ensure every car wheel dolly rolls seamlessly on the floor, they are manufactured from strong material. They are 3 inches in size. Again, all car wheel dolly is designed with a curved surface. It can securely handle the vehicle tires. Of course, this makes it easy and simple to handle the weight of the load.

Car Wheel Dolly

This Passca car wheel dolly is a great tool for withstanding the vehicle for easy mobility .it comes with 4 swivel casters and powder coating finish, you can easily move your vehicle in your tight garage workshop .all rugged steel construction makes this car wheel dolly is very durable and you can trust, please contact with us if you have any question

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Passca: Car Wheel Dolly

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