Reliable Long Ram Hydraulic Jack

  • Mounts directly onto engine cranes
  • Wide, rugged base provides stability and strength
  • Hydraulic bypass system prevent over travel of ram
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Passca Certification
Passca Long Ram Hydraulic Jack

Passca long ram hydraulic jack features, robust and strong construction design that conforms to the ASME standards.

All our single-acting jacks can handle a wide range of load capacities ranging from 3 tons to over 12 tons. We design these jacks for a wide range of applications such as engine cranes, hoists, automotive and industrial applications. You can mount them directly on the crane easily using the base mounting holes.

Every Passca long ram hydraulic jack is equipped with a dust cap. The paint is also resistant to oil, grease, and dirt. Moreover, all our hydraulic jacks are constructed from high-grade steel. With these, we aim to increase the service life span, reliability, and durability of our long ram hydraulic jacks.

For sure, we are a long ram hydraulic jack and heavy-duty bottle jack manufacturer you can trust for all your lifting applications.

Long Ram Hydraulic Jack

The 3Ton and 8Ton long ram hydraulic jack is a replacement jack for the engine cranes or engine hoist, this jack can mounts directly on the cranes by U shaped also an ideal tool for other application for farms, mechanics, off-load vehicle owners .with higher lifting range, you can use it to support the house, have any inquiry, just leave your message here

Double Pump Makes The Lifting Quickly
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Passca: Long Ram Hydraulic Jack

  • Long ram hydraulic jack used on the engine crane ,engine hoist ,shop cranes and also have wide application on the construction ,automotive
  • Features unique slow down release function
  • Highest quality made from industrial grade steel
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