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  • All steel construction makes durable
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Our wheel dolly will make it easy for you to move your vehicle in any direction. They are constructed from steel for durability and reliability. As one of the leading wheel dolly manufacturers &suppliers , we provide all our clients with unlimited options.

Wheel Dolly

This PASSCA wheel dolly helps to lift the tires up from the ground ,so you can roll easily in any direction .it comes in 4 smooth rolling castors .you can place this wheel dolly under the tires in seconds ,this passca wheel dolly has equipped with foot pedal  ,it keeps your hand free ,the tires from ground by depressing the foot pedal  .with heavy duty all steel constructions which adds durability

Ratcheting Up by Hydraulic-Foot Pedal Operation
Mechanical Ratcheting System -Eliminate Oil Leak
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Wheel Dolly: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide will answer all questions you have been asking about wheel dolly.

It covers features, maintenance, maximum weight load and quality standards, among other vital aspects.

Keep reading if you want to be an expert on wheel dolly.

What is a Wheel Dolly?

Wheel dollies are devices with wheels that you will use in your workshop to move vehicles with precision and ease.

1000lbs wheel dolly


Figure 1 Wheel dollies

What are the Uses of a Wheel Dolly?

Depending on the wheel dolly attachment, you can use it to move a trailer which has no wheel or stable stand.

In other words, you can use a wheel dolly to move different supplies and tools within a workshop or garage.

It will provide the load you intend to move with the right stability that you need without tampering with the status.

Apart from that, you can use a wheel dolly to help in loading of materials such as hoses with large diameters.

How Much Does a Wheel Dolly Cost?

There are different types of wheel dollies with varying qualities and sizes that you can choose from.

You must also note that the different types of wheel dollies have varying costs.

Basically, the cost will increase with an increase in the number as well as the type of wheel dolly you purchase.

The cost of wheel dollies will range between 85 to 6500 US dollars.

What is the Maximum Weight that a Wheel Dolly Can Hold?

Well, the maximum weight that you can comfortably move around with a wheel dolly will depend on the wheel dolly.

The highest rated will dolly has the capacity of holding about 4300 pounds of weight.

The weight is also subject to variations that may change with change in the type of dolly in use.

How Does a Fixed Wheel Dolly Compare to a Hydraulic or Mechanical Wheel Dolly?

There are two main types of wheel dollies which include the mechanical or hydraulic and the fixed wheel dolly.

Here is a comparison between the fixed and the mechanical or hydraulic wheel dolly.

· Fixed Wheel Dolly

Fixed wheel dollies are an assembly of different pieces of metal that creates platforms affixed to different casters.

You can place it under wheel assembly by using different types of lifting devices.

It is flexible and capable of working despite the conditions of the wheel assemblies.

Apart from that you can fabricate the fixed wheel dolly to suit different types of applications.

· Hydraulic or Mechanical Wheel Dolly

This is a heavy-duty wheel dolly with a telescoping mainframe and casters on every end sandwiching a tire.

It has a manual or hydraulic foot pedal for lifting and providing direction to the load within a short time.

What are the Benefits of Using a Wheel Dolly?

Wheel dollies are responsible for making the movement of heavier loads easier.

Apart from that, here are the other benefits of using the wheel dolly.

1. Increase in Efficiency

You will be able to move your load more efficiently without affecting the stability of the load.

2. Increase in Safety

As you move your load on a wheel dolly, you are certain of the safety of the load as well as your own safety.

3. Better Control

You also have the ability to control your movements without compromising on the stability of the load.

4. Reduction in Expenses

The cost of moving heavy loads within your workshop will reduce significantly with the help of your wheel dolly.

You will not hire many people to help in moving heavy loads and the cost of maintaining the dolly is low.

Which Features Should You Consider When Purchasing a Wheel Dolly?

When purchasing a wheel dolly, there are particular features that you need to look at.

Here are the main features that you need to pay close attention to:

· Weight Rating of the Wheel Dolly

You should purchase a wheel dolly that does not exceed a particular weight capacity.

In this case, you must know the weight capacity that you intend to work on before shopping.

· Brakes on the Wheel Dolly

Your wheel dolly must have brakes that will provide security when you are moving heavy loads.

The number of breaks on the wheel dolly will depend on the type of wheel dolly you are purchasing.

· Construction of the Wheel Dolly

Here, you will look at the quality of the materials for making the wheel dolly.

You must ensure that the wheel dolly you are purchasing uses very high-quality materials such as stainless steel.

· Convenience Features

You can also opt for wheel dollies that have convenient features such as straps that will help in easy transportation.

Do the Wheel Dolly Exhibit Any Limitations?

Unfortunately, there are particular limitations that you might experience when using the wheel dolly.

Here are some of the limitations that the wheel dolly exhibits.

· Particular Limitations on Weight

You should know that the wheel dollies do not have the capacity of supporting very heavy weights.

· Damages on the Load

In case, you are towing a car on a wheel dolly, there might be instances where parts of the car might scratch.

This is especially true when you are towing car with low suspensions and extensions on the front and the back.

· Lack of Maneuvering Back-up

You do not have the luxury of backing up a wheel dolly especially because it does not have the backup features.

In case a dolly has backup features, it is usually very difficult to do the backup.

· Complicated Hooking up Procedure

You will also experience a hard time when hooking up the load (vehicle) onto the wheel dolly.

Why Should You Purchase a Wheel Dolly?

There are particular reasons that should compel you to purchase a wheel dolly.

Here are the main reasons why you need to purchase a wheel dolly.

· Freedom of Movement

With a wheel dolly, you will enjoy the freedom of moving your load from one place to another.

· Strength and Durability

Wheel dolly manufacturers use tough materials such as stainless steel which makes it strong.

You can use the wheel dolly to carry very heavy loads without compromising on the durability of the wheel dolly.

· Versatility

You can use the wheel dolly to handle the wheel and loads of different types no matter the size.

Apart from that, the wheel dollies will also allow you to move the load in different directions.

What is the Significance of Having Wheel Dollies with Brakes?

It is unlikely that the load or vehicle on the wheel dolly might lose control.

Despite that uncertainty, you should not bare the risk of such an occurrence since it is dangerous.

On that note, you need brakes on the wheel dolly to improve the security of moving your load.

Which Tips Should You Consider When Using a Wheel Dolly?

When using the wheel dolly, there are particular tips that you need to know.

Figure 3 Wheel dolly

Here are some of the tips that you should consider.

  • You need to perform a visual check around the wheel dolly to ensure there are no hazards before loading.
  • You should use your knees instead of your arms or back when loading your wheel dolly.
  • Ensure that you use the wheel dolly for the intended purpose and avoid riding it for fun.
  • As you transport the load, you must avoid walking in the backward direction and always face forward.
  • You should maintain a balance of the load on the axle by placing the heavier load at the bottom.
  • On that same note, you must ensure that there are no flaps hanging off the edges of the wheel dolly.
  • You should not stock up the loads to very high levels and must leave enough space for increased visibility on top.
  • Before using the carriers, you must strap them down on the dollies to ensure that they do not fall off.
  • As you approach doorways and corners, you should make a stop and look before you proceed.

Do You Make Custom Wheel Dollies?

Yes, we make custom wheel dollies according to your specifications.

All you have to do is provide us with the relevant details on the type of wheel dollies you need.

Some of the details we need include size, weight, number of wheels and brake, capacity, as well as materials.

You will include any extra detail that you need on the custom wheel dolly and we will make it for you.

What are the Main Parts of a Wheel Dolly?

A wheel dolly will work with the help of every other component on the device.

Here are the parts that work in conjunction with one another to move items from one place to another.

· Restraining Chain

You will use the restraining chain to ensure that the wheel load does not fall off the wheel dolly.

It will restrain the load on the wheel dolly ensuring that it maintains its position throughout the journey.

· Lifting Arms

The lifting arms will assist in lifting the wheel dolly and moving it from one place to another.

· Frame Tilt Handle

The frame tilt handles will assist you in tilting the frame at different angle to allow the load to fit better.

· Hydraulic Unit

You will use the hydraulic unit to elevate the lo0ad to different heights while on the wheel dolly.

It has a handle that you will use in adjusting the hydraulic unit as it lifts the load.

· Front Wheel

The front wheel will guide the entire wheel dolly as it moves from one place to another.

· Caster

The caster is the wheel on the back that will improve the ease with which you move the load.

How Does a Wheel Dolly Work?

You can comfortably transport a load from one place to another on the wheel dolly.

Here is a procedure that you can follow when handling a wheel dolly.

1) Preparing the Wheel Dolly

First, you have to ensure that the wheel dolly is in proper working condition.

Apart from that, you will position it close to the load and engage the brake to ensure it is stable.

You will untangle the straps from the and allow adjust the wheel dolly according to the size of the load.

2) Loading the Wheel Dolly

You need to be very careful when loading the wheel dolly with the load.

You should wear gloves and protective clothing if you have to use your hands.

Apart from that, use your knees and avoid placing too much weight on your back and arms for safety.

3) Strap the Load

You need to strap the load o the wheel dolly to secure it from moving around unnecessarily.

Ensure that the strap holds it tight to assure you of enough security on the load.

4) Move the Load

You will pull the wheel dolly from the front using the handle and guide it to the right direction.

You must be observant when you reach corners and doorways.

Which Safety Precautions Must You Take When Using the Wheel Dollies?

Safety is the most important factor when using the wheel dolly to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Here are some of the safety tips that you must adhere to:

  • You must read and understand all the instructions associated with using the wheel dolly.
  • Ensure that the load does not go beyond the capacity of the wheel dolly.
  • Have one level surface that is hard enough to support the whole weight
  • Ensure that you apply the load very close to the lifting member’s vertical position.
  • Ensure that you lower the load to a lower position before moving it to another position
  • You must center and secure the load using a load restraint device before moving.
  • Do not alter the original makeup and design of the wheel dolly

How Do You Maintain a Wheel Dolly?

The maintenance of the wheel dolly is very simple and will cost you less money.

It involves proper cleaning of the wheel dolly in case of stains.

Apart from that, you must also ensure that you lubricate the moving parts of the wheel dolly.

You must also change the oil of the hydraulic system from time to time.

How Do You Troubleshoot a Wheel Dolly?

There are periods when you might experience problems as you attempt to use the wheel dolly.

You can identify the problems affecting the wheel dolly by troubleshooting the device.

Here are some of the problems that you might encounter, and their solutions.

Failure of Hydraulic Unit to Lift Load

The hydraulic valve may fail to lift the load because the release valve is not closed tightly.

You will sort it out by closing the release valve and ensuring that it is very tight.

Bleeding of Hydraulic Unit

You might notice that the hydraulic unit may bleed after lifting very heavy loads.

This can be due to a malfunction of the hydraulic unit or a loose release valve.

You will sort the problem out by tightening the release valve and call for service from professionals.

Failure of Hydraulic Unit to Lower

After unloading the load, the hydraulic unit may fail to lower down due to linkage binding and overfilled reservoir.

In that case, you will drain the reservoir to the right level and lubricate all the moving parts.

Poor Performance

The wheel dolly might perform poorly due to low fluid levels and air traps in the system.

You will ensure precise levels of fluids, and allow the pressurized air to escape.

What is the Set-Up Procedure for the Wheel Dolly?

You can set up the wheel dolly by yourself by going through the following procedure.

  • Turn release valve knob in a counterclockwise direction in a bid to remove the lock pin.
  • Push apart the rollers carefully by ensuring the it does not retract compress inwards.
  • Depress the foot pedal slightly and then remove the lock on the foot pedal.

This will allow the foot pedal to rise up especially due to the tension from the spring.

  • Operate the foot pedal by pumping it between 5 and 1o strokes.
  • After that, you will close the release valve by turning it clockwise.
  • It is now ready for you to use.

What Material is Wheel Dolly Made of?

The best material that you can use to make a wheel dolly is stainless steel.

It is a tough material that can withstand the entire weight and also resist corrosion.

Apart from that, there are other parts that have rubber and plastic such as the wheels.

Is the Vehicle Wheel Dolly the same as the Ratchet Wheel Dolly?

A vehicle wheel dolly is almost similar to a ratchet wheel dolly except for a few differences.

Most of the features are the same except for the fact that the ratchet wheel dolly has a ratchet foot pedal.

It allows you to use your feet to pedal the wheel dolly as you use your hands to perform other tasks.

On the other hand, the vehicle wheel dolly does not have a ratchet foot pedal.

You will engage your hands in most of the pedaling activities of the vehicle wheel dolly.

At Passca Tools, we design and manufacture a range of wheel dollies with different capacities.

Contact us today for an OEM partnership on lifting equipment.

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