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  • Full range floor jacks
  • High carbon steel side plate makes the floor jack more durable
  • Metallic powder coating finish makes more solid
  • All  floor jacks from PASSCA meet ASME-PASE 2019 standard
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PasscaFloor Jack

PASSCA is focusing on manufacturing and supplying high-quality floor jacks. Your safety is our priority, so passca is your reliable floor jack manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can trust our floor jacks as it passes or exceeds all international safety standards .such as CE GS by TUV .and ASME.

Passca has full 5 quality check engineer, can ensure the floor jack quality, we control the quality from the whole floor jack manufacturing process, such as material,semi-finished products, and pressure test, the floor jack should pass two-time pressure test before assembly .the high-quality PU seal and O-ring used on the floor jack, it increase the life and eliminate the oil leak

PASSCA floor jacks mostly have 2ton,3ton, or 3.5ton can be used for lifting small cars, vans, and trucks, if you want to lift more big trucks, our heavy-duty long reach floor jack will be your option, it has more power and gets the job done with ease.

Contact us today, we won’t let you down, PASSCA will be your partner on floor jacks.

Floor Jack

Passca manufactures a wide range of heavy-duty floor jacks that conform to the CE, ASME,  quality standards. Whether you need an aluminum floor jack, long floor jacks, hydraulic service jack, hydraulic garage jack, or air floor jack, they are available at Passca.

Every Passca floor jack features a fine finish, welded construction, industrial-grade finish, and precise load control. You can choose from a wide range of load capacities such as 2 ton, 3 ton, or 3.5 ton

The floor jack is a must tool in every garage,passca offers a wide range of floor jacks in the market, we have 2Ton,3ton,3.5ton,4ton.

Passca has standard floor jacks, also have quick lifting dual pump floor jacks.

The floor jack mostly can be divided into trolley jack, garage jack, and aluminum floor jack and long reach floor jack .passca floor jack has dual pump design and can make lifting quickly, you can save more time and also money..some of the floor jack has low profile design and will fit for racing and low cars.

The passca floor jack manufacturing process including cutting, punching, milling, welding, shot blasting, powder coating, assembling. testing and packaging .we have an automatic welding machine to make sure plate welding smoothly and also durable, and you will like our painting as we have 2 powder coating lines .it’s better compared to transitional electrostatic spraying.

The floor jack is a lifting device only, it can’t sustain the heavy load permanently. it should be used with the jack stands.

Minimum Height:90mm-Maximum Height:550mm
Minimum Height 75mm-Low Profile Design
Minimum Height:135mm-Maximum Height:520mm
Made with Aircraft Aluminum - Rubber Saddle Pad to Prevent Damage The Chassis
Meets ASME Standard. - Safety Bypass and Overload System Protects Hydraulics
Wide, Rugged Base Adds Stability and Strength. - Dependable Double Spring Return Lowers Piston-Ram Quickly With No Load.
Low Profile Design Gets Underneath Vehicles. - Meets or Exceeds ASME PASE-2014 Safety Standard
- Meets Strict and Crucial ASME PASE-2014 Safety Requirements. - Low Profile Chassis Gets Underneath Vehicles with Limited Ground Clearance.
3Ton Low Profile Floor Jack -Dual Pump Floor Jack
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PASSCA floor jacks are all sturdy, reliable, and easy to use. 

The hydraulic power of a floor jack can make lifting cars, vans, and other small vehicles a breeze. 

All of PASSCA’s floor jacks are inspected to ensure they meet the rigorous safety standards and reliability that we take pride in, and they meet the ASME-PASE 2019 standard. 

A floor jack from PASSCA means a welded construction, beautiful and sturdy finish, and a high-carbon steel side plate so it will last a long time. 

PASSCA takes pride in the high quality of our floor jacks, and we source only the best materials and hire the most skilled engineers to produce them.

Floor Jacks: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This FAQ guide will both teach you about floor jacks in general, why PASSCA floor jacks are the best option, troubleshooting common problems with a floor jack, and how to select the best floor jack for your shop’s needs. 

Floor jacks are a classic piece of equipment that has been updated time and time again to become a highly functioning, integral part of almost every auto shop in the world. 

By the end of this guide, you will know everything you need in order to go lift some cars and get to work. We add to this guide all the time, so please, send us your questions.

What is a Floor Jack?

A floor jack is a device used to lift heavy objects that have some ground clearance already, usually vehicles, they are also known as automobile jacks or car jacks. 

There are many types of jacks that are meant to be positioned on the floor, but the floor jack is the one almost everyone pictures when they think of lifting a car. 

Floor jacks are mostly used to raise a vehicle by automotive repair or maintenance personnel in automotive shops and hobbyists that work on their own cars. 

Most floor jacks are lightweight for easier transportation and use, but there are heavier duty options available. 

There are many specialized varieties of floor jacks, each with its own benefits and uses.PASSCA makes a wide variety of floor jacks beyond the standard issue models, including trolley jacks, garage jacks, aluminum floor jacks, long reach floor jacks, and air-powered floor jacks.

3T dual pump floor jack

How Does a Floor Jack Work?

Hydraulic floor jacks work using fluid mechanics to power the lifting motion. 

Most floor jacks use manual pumping power applied to a handle by the operator, although PASSCA also manufactures air-powered floor jacks. 

The handle pumps a piston which puts pressure on the hydraulic fluid inside the casing. 

What is a Floor Jack Used For?

Most of the time, a floor jack is used to lift vehicles for repairs and servicing. 

Standard floor jacks will be able to handle most passenger cars, vans, and smaller trucks and SUVs; for large and heavy vehicles, a long reach floor jack would be a better fit. 

Because a jack is not considered stable enough for safety, you should always use jack stands with your floor jack to secure any lifted vehicle. 

What are the Advantages of Using a Hydraulic Car Jack?

Hydraulic systems are easily powered by a manual crank, so their use is more flexible than a powered solution that needs electricity or compressed air. 

Floor jacks are quick to use; the hydraulic power works fast and reliably to lift objects and vehicles. 

PASSCA floor jacks are particularly reliable with their welded construction and quality materials, and paired with the natural ease of maintaining a floor jack means they last a long time with minimal care. 

Unlike the screw scissor lifts of the past, rust is much less likely to slow or jam a hydraulic jack. 

Floor jacks have wheels to move them around the auto shop quickly, and their small size makes them easy to store in a readily accessible location. 

When to Use a Floor Jack?

A floor jack will come in handy anytime you need to partially lift a vehicle off the ground if that vehicle is under the weight capacity of your jack. 

The most common use is to access the underside of a car for maintenance or repairs, like changing a tire.

Is it Safe to Use a Floor Jack Extension?

Floor jack extensions are safe if you use the correct methods and parts approved by the manufacturer; you should never improvise a jack extension. 

A common and easy way to extend the range of a jack is to place it on top of a large piece of wood, which is much more stable than a saddle extension, although is still very prone to dangerous accidents.  

If you would prefer a floor jack extension that sits on the lift saddle, you should only use a firmly secured extension piece that is approved by the manufacturer. 

3Ton crocodile jack

Is a Low Profile Floor Jack as Powerful as a Tall Model?

This answer really depends on the specific model and what weight capacity range you need for your work. 

PASSCA makes a low profile floor jack with a 3.5 ton weight capacity and a minimum clearance of 90 mm, which is as powerful as our other strongest standard floor jacks. 

If you need to lift something much heavier, like an RV or farm equipment, the 20 ton long reach floor jack can handle many more tasks but comes with a higher minimum clearance. 

Almost all low-riding vehicles are lighter in weight to reduce the risk of bottoming out, so you should be fine choosing a jack that best fits your specific needs. 

PASSCA takes great pride in the craftsmanship behind our floor jacks, and we have models and specialty jacks for any customer’s lifting needs. 

What is PASSCA’s Most Heavy Duty Floor Jack?

The 20 ton long reach floor jack is the most powerful manually operated floor jack, but it is not PASSCA’s highest weight capacity floor jack. 

PASSCA offers a 50 ton air hydraulic service jack that can be used on the truly massive lifting jobs you may have, such as RVs, tractors, and commercial trucks. 

What Floor Jack Fluid Does PASSCA Use?

All PASSCA products use hydraulic fluid because we believe it is superior to pneumatic fluid for auto shop equipment. 

What are the Advantages of an Aluminum Floor Jack?

Even though steel floor jacks are typically less expensive than aluminum ones, aluminum floor jacks offer a lightweight lifting solution that makes them better for moving around rapidly. 

Aluminum floor jacks are what the top pit crews use for race cars, because of the ease of moving them around and using them quickly. 

Does PASSCA Include or Recommend Floor Jack Accessories?

PASSCA floor jacks all come with a detachable crank handle alongside the main body of the jack. 

Some of the most popular additions are a floor jack adapter, floor jack bar, or a floor jack block. 

We encourage everyone to order a set of floor jack and jack stands, since you will need jack stands to work on a vehicle safely; just a floor jack is not enough to reliably have a safe work environment. 

Floor Jack Best Practices and Maintenance Guide

Maintaining a floor jack is a simple process because the technology they use has been around a while and has been refined. 

The rugged and reliable construction of a PASSCA floor jack means you will not need repairs as often as big box store options over your jack’s long life. 

Can a Floor Jack be Repaired?

Yes, and you can even do it yourself with tons of DIY methods online and only basic tools. 

Some of the most common jack repairs are replacing the hydraulic fluid, replacing rubber O-rings, and cleaning the device thoroughly. 

How to Properly Bleed a Floor Jack?

Regularly bleeding a jack is an important way to extend its useful life and keep it functioning properly.
Make sure you detach your jack from any active use or other devices before bleeding your floor jack. 

Here is the process to bleed your jack:

  1. Open the valve and pump ten times. 
  2. Close the valve and raise the ram until it is fully extended. 
  3. While extended, pump ten more times. 
  4. Release the valve again, and lower the ram. 
  5. Repeat this once or twice more to remove all the air from the jack.

How to adding hydraulic fluid

  1. Remove the cover plate and fill plug
  2. Add high quality grade hydraulic fluid slowly until the fluid reaches 1/4″ below the top of fill port
  3. Replace the fill plug and cover plate

Troubleshooting a Floor Jack Guide

Improper use or maintenance can cause minor issues with a floor jack, but they are almost always easily solvable. 

Troubleshooting: My Floor Jack Will Not Pump Up.

A malfunctioning jack is usually because of a few critical errors or problems with its casing or use. 

Your floor jack may have an oil leak or improper amount of oil, trapped air, damaged pistons, or you may be trying to lift something too heavy for your jack. 

Troubleshooting: My Floor Jack Will Not Go Down.

If a jack will not descend, the most common reason is that there is air trapped in the hydraulic pump. 

If you bleed the floor jack or purge all of the air, the jack should regain its ability to lower. 

Troubleshooting: My Floor Jack Will Not Hold Pressure.

Check that the release valve is closed, or it can not maintain pressure. 

Not being able to maintain pressure may also mean that there is a leak somewhere in the floor jack’s system. 

Over the long life of a sturdy jack, the O-rings and gaskets will probably wear out long before the jack itself, but you can replace them simply with only basic tools and a fresh component. 

You can test your floor jack to see if you can find the source of the leak. 

Replace any leaking rubber components or tighten any parts that may have been loose, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Troubleshooting: My Floor Jack Will Not Lift Load.

If your floor jack will not lift a load, there are a couple of things to check. 

Make sure you are not exceeding the weight capacity limit of your floor jack. 

Check the level of hydraulic fluid; if it is low, the jack will not be able to easily reach a pressurized state. 

You may have too much air trapped in the jack. You should bleed your floor jack. 

Check that the release valve is closed, or it will not be able to lift anything.

What Is the Best Car Floor Jack Now in the Market? 

Unfortunately, most of the cheap floor jacks in the market are not suited for routine uses or any type of professional scenario. 

Beware of low-priced floor jacks or equipment marketed to casual users or hobbyists; even a hobbyist auto tinkerer should choose a sturdier model as an investment. 

Solid construction and extra safety features are important things to consider. 

What Floor Jack Do I Need? 

The best floor jack for you will always be the one that has a clearance, lifting height, and weight capacity that meet your vehicles’ needs. 

For help choosing a jack or outfitting a full auto shop, reach out to a customer support representative from PASSCA Tools

What Floor Jack Should I Buy? 

Professionals who will need to lift all kinds of cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans should opt for the highest weight limit and sturdiest quality they can fit in their shop — and often, this means purchasing multiple jacks. 

99% of options on the market are not a professional floor jack at all; seek out a jack meant for heavy use and professional settings, or your workflow and reputation may suffer. 

All the specifications for our floor jacks can be found in the PASSCA Catalog. 

With the knowledge in this FAQ Guide, you are sure to find the best floor jack for your needs. 

Contact PASSCA Tools now for all your lifting equipment needs. 


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