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  • Hydraulic lift mechanism increases lifting speed
  • Solid steel construction for more strength and durability
  • Easy to position under any vehicle.
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Passca Certification
Passca Hydraulic Scissor Jacks

Passca hydraulic scissor jacks are constructed from heavy duty steel for strength and durability.

Unlike the Passca manual scissor jacks, these jacks use hydraulic fluid to help lift the load from a 3.75 to 15.4 inches. With an efficient hydraulic system, every Passca scissor jack increases the lifting speed, while reducing the operator’s effort.

It is easier to use than the manual scissor jack. This hydraulic scissor jack is stronger and sturdier. Being one of the oldest scissor jack manufacturers, we are proud of our easy to position and stable hydraulic scissor jack. It is also portable and you can fit it in your car’s trunk. Our hydraulic scissor jacks meet the CE/GS and ANSI/ASME standards. Also, they come with a 1-year warranty.

Hydraulic Scissor Jacks

Passca Hydraulic scissor jack is built with hydraulic lift mechanism compared to standard scissor jack .

It can save time and effort to jack up the vehicle .it also can be used as an emergency mobile jack.

You can position this jack under any vehicle easily

this hydraulic scissor jack is all steel constructed and with compact design ,you can store in your car trunk .also this jack comes with a plastic blow case and one piece of pumping handle

Hydraulic Lift Mechanism-All Steel Compact Construction
Hydraulic Lift Mechanism-All Steel Compact Construction
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For a sturdy yet lightweight jack for your car or truck, look no further than a hydraulic scissor jack — these are some of the most cost-effective lifting options and are extremely easy to use and maintain. 

A scissor jack is the classic emergency trunk jack, but not all vehicles are light enough to be lifted quickly or easily by a manual scissor jack… that’s where a little extra hydraulic power comes in handy. 

Here at PASSCA, we understand that not everyone needs a fancy, air-powered, 50-ton jack to meet their infrequent service requirements; but plenty of people can benefit from owning their own car jack and doing basic service themselves. 

A hydraulic scissor jack is a wonderful blend of power and price — and PASSCA’s experience and quality assurance team means anyone can own a piece of professional automotive garage equipment at a reasonable price. 

All of our products are ASME and CE certified, back by international standards and inspected by our team of product engineers. 

Hydraulic Scissor Jacks: The Ultimate FAQ Guide 

If you are ready to learn about hydraulic scissor jacks, you have come to the right place! 

Understanding a piece of equipment is crucial to staying safe and using it in the most efficient way — this FAQ will walk you through how to use a hydraulic scissor jack, how to choose a jack for your car, and even give you some background knowledge on hydraulic systems and jack construction that will help you understand and safely use these handy tools. 

We add to this guide all the time, so please, send us your questions

 What Is a Hydraulic Scissor Jack?

A hydraulic scissor jack is a device that is used to lift vehicles at the workshop or on the road during an emergency; hydraulic scissor jacks can also be used to lift and provide stabilization for trailers for people living in them or for loading and unloading them during moves. 

Although jacks are mostly used for tire changes, they can also be used to rotate tires and change the oil in a car. 

There are several different types of hydraulic scissor jacks on the market depending on the type of job you need done such as the drill powered hydraulic jack, wide hydraulic scissor jack, the scissor jack lift, and the electric hydraulic scissor jack; smaller versions of the jack like the small hydraulic scissor jack,the portable hydraulic scissor jack or the compact hydraulic scissor jack and larger versions of the jack like the heavy duty hydraulic scissor jack, hydraulic double scissor jack or the large hydraulic scissor jack are also available. 

2Ton hydraulic scissor jack

How to Use a Hydraulic Scissor Jack?

The hydraulic scissor jack’s design is made of four sets of lower arms and two sets of upper arms connected to the hydraulic scissor jack base and saddle; in the center is the hydraulic scissor jack mechanism that is used to create lift and cause the saddle to rise.

On the outside of the jack is the pumping mechanism that the hydraulic scissor jack handle is inserted into to operate.

Unlike the manual scissor jack, the hydraulic jack is lifted by the liquid being pushed from one area of the jack by the small piston to another area to raise or lower the arms; also unlike the manual scissor jack is the handle that is pumped rather than cranked.

What Is the Principle of Hydraulic Scissor Jack?

The working principle of the hydraulic scissor jack follows Pascal’s principle of fluid mechanics; the small piston on the outside of the jack is able to move the hydraulic scissor jack’s fluid through the mechanism to create pressure on the larger piston by pumping the handle.

The hydraulic scissor jack pressure causes the large piston to rise up and extend the lower and upper arms to create lift; when the jack is ready to lower, the liquid pressure is released and the larger piston can be slowly lowered to a resting state. 

What Are the Features of a Hydraulic Scissor Jack?

Portable; The hydraulic scissor jack tool is very lightweight and great for storing in your car in case of an emergency; if you are working in a garage/workshop, you won’t have to worry about moving it around for several different projects. 

Affordable; Hydraulic power scissor jacks are also very affordable and are great if you need to buy multiple jacks for larger projects or if you are operating a workshop. 

Compact; Because the hydraulic type scissor jack is lightweight, it is very compact and can be stored easily around the garage; when using the hydraulic scissor jacks for cars, you can easily store them in the trunk next to your spare tire or together with the hydraulic scissor jack kit.

What Are the Applications of a Hydraulic Scissor Jack?

Some people use hydraulic scissor jacks for oil changes but can also be used for changing or rotating tires; although there are hydraulic scissor car jacks and hydraulic scissor jacks for SUVs, they can also be used to service motorcycles with hydraulic motorcycle scissor jacks. 

Hydraulic scissor jacks can be used to stabilize trailers for maintenance or for camping; several jacks can be placed under the trailer to prevent it from moving around while people are inside or while they are unloading it, or the scissor hydraulic jack can be used to set hydraulic scissor lift jack stands for a more long term solution.

There are other jacks available with specialized functions as well such as the hydraulic house jack and the hydraulic scissor jack for dump trailers that can be used for special projects. 

How Much Weight Can a Hydraulic Scissor Jack Lift?

There are many jacks on the market with a variety of weight capacities but the most common types are the 1 ton hydraulic scissor jack and the 1.5 ton hydraulic scissor jack; PASSCA has two hydraulic models that can lift up to 1 ton or 2 ton hydraulic scissor jack.

Before lifting any type of heavy weight, it is recommended to check your hydraulic scissor jack manual to make sure that the weight you are lifting is under your hydraulic jack`s weight capacity and follow the appropriate hydraulic scissor jack instructions.

 Where Do You Place a Hydraulic Scissor Jack on a Vehicle?

Underneath the car there is a long piece of metal called the pinch weld that is directly behind the front tire and runs all the way to the back tire; the pinch weld is meant to be able to sustain the weight of the car without causing any damage to the rest of the vehicle, and it also provides a better point to keep the car stable while you work on it.

On the pinch weld, there will be two bumps that the hydraulic scissor jack should go under; line the saddle up between the two bumps, and be sure to check that the pinch weld is completely on the saddle before lifting or lowering.

 What Are the Parts of a Hydraulic Scissor Jack?

Starting at the top of the hydraulic scissor jack is the saddle; the saddle is where the pinch weld will rest while you are lifting, lowering, or changing your tires. 

Connected to the saddle are two pieces of metal—these are called the upper arms; the lower arms are the four pieces of metal that are attached to the upper arms.

The lower arms are connected to the hydraulic scissor jack base plate.

In the middle of the scissor jack is the piston which is used to lift and lower the saddle which causes the lower and upper arms to raise or lower; on the outside of the scissor jack is the lever and small piston that is used to transfer liquid and activate the hydraulic scissor jack parts in the center.

 How Do I Choose a Hydraulic Scissor Jack?

Choosing the best hydraulic scissor jack all depends on the weight of the project you are working on and the hydraulic scissor jack dimensions you need.

If you are using a scissor jack for larger projects, you should choose a jack with a higher weight capacity such as the 2 ton or 3 ton hydraulic scissor jack ; for smaller cars or motorcycles, you can use a 1.5 ton scissor jack or the 1 ton scissor jack which is more lightweight and easier to transport around. 

Another point that is important to consider, is the material used for the scissor jack; if you want a more durable tool that can handle more difficult jobs, then the steel hydraulic scissor jack might be a better choice than other products like the aluminum hydraulic scissor jack.

Now you have all the knowledge you will need (besides your vehicle and storage measurements) to select and use the ideal hydraulic scissor jack for your vehicle or business. 

Speak to our customer support team if you need help choosing the right hydraulic scissor jack or want to outfit a whole garage in one, easy order — and be sure to contact PASSCA Tools today, for all your automotive equipment needs.

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